A few vintage train cars have been placed in a picturesque forest in Montana, USA, and turned into luxury hotels. At first you may feel weird checking into such bizarre lodgings, but the moment you step inside all your doubts go up in smoke with the loud howl of a train whistle!

Enlighten invites you aboard to take a look at this unique hotel. It’s time to check-in!

At first you don’t believe your eyes: ‘Is this the right address?’

But upon stepping into the kitchen you feel right at home straight away.

In the bedroom, there’s enough space for a king-size bed!

You’re welcome to experiment with cooking in the spacious area available to you.

Here’s the stylish well-lit living room. 

A private entrance means you can start your day with a pleasant walk outside.

There’s even a fireplace in the bedroom for extra coziness. 

Your dreamland getaway.

A little nest for all love-birds. 

A different living room, this one straight from the Wild West.

This one has room for six people, just like on a train. 

Photo credit: Izaak Walton Inn