Hairstyles are something that truly accompany us throughout our whole life. Always changing, they represent the vibe, the mood, and the fashion of an exact time in history. From the “Poodle” and chignons to edgy messy punk styles or more elegant locks — every year restless women come up with something new and fresh. Most of these styles became iconic and won’t ever be forgotten.

Enlighten is about to show you the most memorable and popular hairstyles from each year. Want to know which one was desirable by fashion lovers during the year when you were born? Hop in and let’s have a look!

1950: Chignon

East News

Made popular by Grace Kelly, this attractive and elegant knot was loved by women in the early 50s. To create it you just had to pin hair at the nape of the neck or at the back of the head

1951: Pin-up bangs