Ceramic artist Brooke Knippa of AP Curiosities in Maine (in the US) doesn’t make plain tea and coffee mugs — she creates pure magic instead. She makes little nooks in her mugs that house tiny animal figures. From charming owlets and curled up foxes taking a peaceful nap to whales and even a Yeti, each mug created by Brooke is a masterpiece that has a whole world hidden inside.

When we saw these brilliant mugs by Brooke Knippa here at Enlighten, we instantly fell in love with them, and now we dream of drinking our morning coffee and evening tea together with the tiny, cute, ceramic animals in our hands. We can’t wait to show you Brooke’s work and bet they’ll charm you at first sight.

A curled up fox

apcuriosities / Instagramapcuriosities / InstagramA beaver

apcuriosities.comapcuriosities.comAn owlet

apcuriosities / Instagramapcuriosities / InstagramAn owl family

apcuriosities / Instagramapcuriosities / InstagramA whale

apcuriosities / Instagramapcuriosities / InstagramA goldfish in a bubble

apcuriosities / Instagramapcuriosities / InstagramA badger family

apcuriosities / Instagramapcuriosities / Instagram3 hedgehogs under mushrooms

apcuriosities.comapcuriosities.comA mountain goat

<-32">apcuriosities / Instagram<-33">apcuriosities / InstagramAnother mountain goat

<-36">apcuriosities.comapcuriosities.com2 javelinas — a mom and a baby

apcuriosities / Instagram