It’s no secret that every woman strives for perfection. The fashion and cosmetics industries have both, of course, caught onto this long ago, causing women to feel the need to look a certain way if they want to be perceived positively by those around them. Men, however, do not pay much attention to tiny details and they usually focus on the overall image. What they do notice, though, is how you smell and what type of lingerie you wear.

Enlighten decided to find out what men really pay attention to. We asked 15 men about what they feel attracted to in women and what types of things they dislike.


Most of the interviewed men usually pay attention to a woman’s perfume. Some of them mentioned that it’s one more thing to remember about her. However, most of the men admitted that the perfume shouldn’t be too pungent. If a woman wears too much of it, men won’t like it.

Nail polish


Here, opinions differed as part of the men said that they didn’t pay attention to a woman’s nail polish at all, while others said that it’s definitely something they notice. Some men simply notice if a woman’s nails are trimmed and clean, but claimed that if they weren’t, it’s not something that’s extremely important. Almost all of the men, however, mentioned that they dislike bright nail polish and nails that are too long. Having nails that are painted a nude color or having a French manicure is a great way to guarantee a well-groomed and attractive look.



Almost all men said that they don’t like it when women draw on their eyebrows. However, in general, they rarely pay attention to this detail of the female appearance. But there were some men who said that beautifully-done eyebrows could soften certain facial features.


Half of the interviewed men think that fake eyelashes look beautiful and make a woman look more feminine. The other half confessed that fake eyelashes look unnatural and are easy to spot, so they end up repelling men. Looks like it depends on the quality of the lash extensions you have!


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The men all agreed on one thing — makeup. None of the interviewed men like bright makeup. Some even mentioned that bright lipsticks of unnatural colors never look good. Natural eyelashes with carefully-applied mascara, natural eyebrows, and lips of a natural color are the only things women should use, in the opinion of the men who were interviewed.

Minor breakouts


Men definitely pay attention to skin problems. They’ll notice a pimple on your nose, but most of them won’t focus on it because, the way they see it, it’s something that’s here today and will be gone tomorrow. However, if a woman has serious skin issues, it’s a sign that she doesn’t take proper care of herself, according to men.

Legs that aren’t perfectly smooth


Almost all men are cool with the fact that a woman might not have perfectly smooth legs sometimes. It doesn’t matter if they’re not perfectly smooth visually or to the touch.

Dirty shoes

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In general, dirty shoes don’t evoke any feelings of irritation among men. If it’s not something out of the ordinary, they won’t pay attention to it. If the shoes are too dirty, however, they’ll notice this and you can be sure that this little detail won’t leave them with a good first impression.

Wrinkled clothes

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Just like with dirty shoes, men usually don’t focus their attention on wrinkled clothes. However, if a woman’s clothes weren’t properly ironed, it definitely won’t benefit her look. According to men, it’s a sign of how well-groomed a woman is.

Worn out clothes


Some men admitted that they have never before thought of this and that this isn’t something they notice. Other men stated that they interpret wearing old clothes as a sign that a woman doesn’t really care about how she looks.

Stretch marks


Some men have no idea what stretch marks are and have never seen them. But most of the men who noticed stretch marks don’t think of them as of something bad. They’re sure that stretch marks appear when a woman gains weight and didn’t know that they might appear after pregnancy, as well. After finding out about this fact, they still wouldn’t mind it if they noticed that their wife or girlfriend has stretch marks.

A little belly

Ladies, breathe out! 90% of men don’t consider a little belly to be something horrible and never pay attention to it if a woman has one. Of course, they’re not talking about a lot of extra weight around the midsection, but as it turns out, a flat stomach isn’t that big of a deal for men.

Hair that wasn’t washed today.


In general, men won’t pay much attention to this thought unless your hair is obviously greasy. If you took a shower the day before but your hair still looks fresh and clean, then there’s no problem. If your hair appears greasy and it’s clear that it’s overdue for a wash, then men will notice this and won’t like it.

Beautiful lingerie


“Find a man who wouldn’t notice beautiful lingerie!” — That’s what almost all of the men told us. So, ladies, lace lingerie sets are worth investing in!



When we discussed this issue, we didn’t mean a woman whose every other word is a curse word. We wanted to know how would a man react to a woman who swore on occasion. Here, almost every man has his own unique opinion. One man said that swearing is good because it makes a man feel like he’s on the same page as his wife or girlfriend. Others thought that swearing is bad and doesn’t suit women. Many men just don’t care about it.



Almost 80% of men don’t like it when a woman smokes. However, there are exceptions: some men think it’s an absolutely normal thing and a woman’s right. Others believe that it happens occasionally and if a woman doesn’t smoke in her car, then it’s acceptable.

Having answered all of the questions, most of the men added that they’re attracted to female tenderness and a positive attitude to life. All the factors mentioned above influence their opinion as a whole. For example, if a woman wears dirty shoes, wrinkled clothing, has unkempt nails, swears, and smokes, well, the man is likely to feel repelled. If a woman has only one or 2 of the traits mentioned above, it’s not catastrophic.

Men, we really want to know your thoughts on this! Share your opinion with us and our female readers in the comments section below!