Having plants at home makes you feel happier — it’s a proven fact. And although there are no studies on this, we believe that certain plants have a truly positive impact on our health because just looking at them takes you to seventh heaven.

Here at Enlighten, we came across an adorable type of succulent known as baby succulents. We want to show them to you and tell you why you should find a spot for a couple of them at home.

1. They purify the air.

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A study showed that house plants purify the air by removing chemicals and toxins. Moreover, they produce more oxygen and humidify the air, preventing it from getting too dry.

2. They improve your productivity.

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As it turns out, plants can also boost your productivity. However, you shouldn’t surround yourself with too many of them because, even more surprisingly, a study showed that doing this can have a negative effect on task performance.

3. They make you feel better.

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Studies confirmed that house plants improve your mental health. They put you in a better mood and boost your self-esteem.

4. They have healing superpowers.

Overall, succulents help you relax and fight depression. But particular kinds, like aloe, have actual healing properties. Aloe can heal cuts, bruises, and second-degree burns.

5. They’re easy to handle.

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Succulents are great because they’re used to living in any environment. They feel equally good in the mountains and in tropics as they do your bedroom. They just need some water, light, and a lot of love. Also, a study showed that taking care of houseplants is a nice leisure activity that reduces stress.

6. They’re adorable.

QueenofSucculents / etsy.com

And this is probably the most persuasive reason to get a succulent! Nowadays, there are millions of kinds of succulents that come in all different shapes and sizes. You can find many of them you’ll instantly fall in love with, and they’ll make your home cozier than ever.

Do you have plants at home? Have you ever noticed any other effects they had on you? Tell us in the comments!