There are a lot of professions that have already gone or will soon disappear forever. Like farming, postal service mail sorters, switchboard operators, and…maybe blacksmiths? No, blacksmiths are not on the list. And here is why.

Enlighten has collected the works of modern blacksmiths you won`t believe are made of iron.

1. Selçuk Yılmaz

selçuk yılmaz/behanceselçuk yılmaz/behance

This gigantic lion sculpture has a pretty innocuous name – Kali. The artist himself is from Turkey and for the most of his works, Selçuk uses steel cut into thin strands or curled steel fragments. He is a virtuoso in the manipulation of this material.

2. Paul Gilbert


Paul Gilbert is a blacksmith, who does all kinds of work. From decorative works for garden and home to massive gates. Fencing, railing, and iron sculptures are also in his list. To keep his work safe from rusting over time, Paul galvanizes the wrought iron.

3.Gary Hovey


Gary Hovey is an artist of amazing strength and will. A sculptor and qualified welder, he suffers from Parkinson’s disease and still keeps working. For the past 10 years he hasn’t forged, but he creates his sculptures from kitchen appliances, cutting and welding parts. Most of his sculptures are animals. The material he uses is very well suited for depicting fur and feathers.

4. JK Brown

JK Brown/facebookJK Brown/facebook

JK Brown also turns metal into animals. He uses scrap metal for his sculptures. Since his childhood JK has loved watching animals and his entire creative process is about celebrating the beauty of nature. He makes snakes, butterflies, birds, and even mantises.

5.Scott Raabe

Scott Raabe/facebookScott Raabe/facebook

Flowers and colorful metal patterns are definitely part of this artist’s style. Scott Raabe’s work is all about the details. He uses the intersection between pipes and other cuts of metal to weld his layered patterns.

6. Mylinh Nguyen


His alien creatures are made of brass, bronze, and silver. His work begins as a sketch in a notebook because metal is not the easiest material to have to re-manipulate if you don’t like the final product. He uses a lot of skeletal details in his sculptures. He does jellyfish and imaginary creatures, aquatic dwellers, and unknown, sometimes scary creatures. All of his work is somehow connected with either light or mystery.

7.Fernando Suárez Reguera


Fernando Suárez Reguera is based in Barcelona. He works with bronze, wrought iron, and sometimes even resin. The figures that he makes look fragile, alive, and at the same time monumental. His signature is that he combines creatures and architectural forms.

8.Lorenzo Quinn


This sculptor is teasing us. In his work, he tries to combine the opposite parts of human nature like creativity and destruction. Quinn is trying to make a statement about our ability to change things, to impact the reality we live in and make it better.

9.Milan Miloradovic