For a child, their bedroom is like the whole universe. It can be a castle, a spaceship or a fairytale land. Sometimes though, it’s hard to fit all these things into their little world – their imaginations go way beyond the boundaries of a small room! Moreover, what if your little one suddenly wants to reorganize his room and turn it into a racetrack, or something else, thanks to one of those adorable childhood wishes?

To help parents find ways to save space, we put together a list of our top ten most effective life hacks for a tiny bedroom. Try them out, and we’re certain that you’ll be able to save some space – and make your child happier!

Use the room’s corners creatively

An ordinary corner can perfectly fit a sofa, a wardrobe, and a number of boxes.

This layout is comfortable for both homework and play.

The corners help make the room spacious and allow for modern designs.

Three-in-one: A bed, book shelves and a workspace

This design means everything’s close at hand, and there’s still room to spare!

A chalkboard wall is the perfect tool for stimulating your child’s creativity

Plus you no longer have to worry about them ruining the wallpaper!

Boxes mean there’s space for every single toy

They can help you make a room stylish while keeping the mess to a minimum.

Using plastic baskets as shelves is another smart idea.

Even old skateboards can be useful!

Wall pockets can be used to store anything

They’re perfect for all kinds of toys.

You can even get bedside pockets!

They also mean your kids will have a clear work desk.

Find a way to store their shoes effectively

You can use an over-the-door pocket shoe organizer.

There is a lot of empty space under their beds as well! Have you noticed?

In this case, each pair of shoes has its very own tube, meaning they don’t spend hours searching through that messy pile for the ones they want.

You can make this wooden shoe rack in 5 minutes. Now you have a multi-story rack for all of their shoes!

Focus on books

Using plastic baskets, your child can have both a comfortable sofa and a whole library all in their own room.

These ‘book trees’ look great and can save a lot of space.

Adopt the ‘Tetris strategy’ for your kid’s wardrobe

It’s both a table and a wardrobe!

Who told you that a wardrobe has to be vertical and touch the ceiling…

Clear plastic storage boxes really are the best!

There’s a separate mini section for each item of clothing.

Use the floor as a play area

A carpet can turn into a racetrack in an instant.

Fitting several beds into a room for siblings

This one will fit two kids.

This bed is designed for three.

And this super-bed will fit the whole family!

A bonus idea: perforated metal panel for all occasions

You can decide yourself how many shelves, wall hooks and pegs you will need depending on how much stuff you need to fit in to their room.