Konstantin Bogomolov is the #1 stylist in Riga, Latvia. He has been helping men and women of different ages to find their own unique look for more than 30 years. Konstantin also runs the Bogomolov Image School for future fashion industry specialists. Under the guidance of their experienced teacher, the pupils work on transforming their clients’ appearances, learn the basics of the profession, and develop their own unique style in the world of fashion.

We at BrightSide have found some of Bogomolov’s pupils’ work really impressive and decided to share them with you!

1. Dinara, age 35, housewife

bogomolov.lvbogomolov.lv2. Jurgita, age 39, architect

bogomolov.lvbogomolov.lv3. Evgenia, age 30, co-owner of a photo studio

bogomolov.lvbogomolov.lv4. Vasily, age 27, deputy head of a department

bogomolov.lvbogomolov.lv5. Inna, age 33, teacher

bogomolov.lvbogomolov.lv6. Arina, age 31, graphic designer

bogomolov.lvbogomolov.lv7. Tatiana, age 40, programmer