Most people usually associate the stores of expensive brands with luxury and something elite. And the job of a designer clothes sales associate looks pretty attractive to many people. However, the job at the counter of an expensive store is not as easy or interesting as it may seem.

Enlighten has collected things shared by the sales associates that worked with luxury fashion brands and we want to tell you about them.

1. They learn a client’s income not based on their clothes

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The clothes on a potential client that can afford to spend a lot of money in a boutique don’t have to be very expensive. But they might be wearing an expensive watch, which will garner a lot of attention from sale associates. If a client with an umbrella comes in, the associates will not be as attentive because most boutiques have closed parking lots and the umbrella means the client doesn’t have a car. So, it means they probably can’t afford the clothes.

Very often, it’s their behavior that reveals their income. Wealthy people never boast about the money they have: they treat it as a regular visit, nothing unusual.

2. In boutiques, there are always secret security guards that even sales associates don’t know about.


There was a situation when a man replaced an expensive wallet with a fake one and stole the original. Nobody noticed this until it was too late. It often happens that wealthy people steal things. They can buy 100 of these wallets but they still want to steal one just for fun. In order to prevent these situations, there are secret security guards: they look like regular clients but their job is to watch for anyone that wants to steal the products.

3. A high price doesn’t always mean it’s a good thing.

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Prices for shoes may look the same, but the quality may be drastically different. Sellers will tell clients that everything was produced in Italy but in fact, only a piece may have been produced in Italy and the rest was produced in Ukraine, Brazil, or China. And both the cheap and the expensive shoes may be priced the same and be on the same shelf.

4. Not all clients of luxury stores are real clients.

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Only go to these stores with people that you trust, don’t listen to sales associates or “other clients.” Very often, the owner may come into their own store, see a client wearing pants she can’t decide whether she needs or not, say a lot of good things about them, and pretend that they want to get the same pair for their wife. The sales associates will say that these pants are the last pair and then this woman will rush to the cash register.

Sales associates from the other store of the same brand that is located nearby might do the same trick. They often act like other clients that need exactly the same thing that the client is trying on. Very often, the owners of the boutiques hire young attractive women for this purpose.

5. There are no sales.

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The main difference between boutiques and other stores is that they can set any price they want. Very often, the owners themselves don’t even know the prices for certain clothes in their stores. The sales associates can sell a piece of clothing to a client for a higher price than the one that was set by the owner and take the difference. This is very easy to do because, in most stores, the associates have a special discount: they sell the clothes with the discount, but don’t tell the client about it.

6. There is a special room for famous clients.

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Before a VIP-client arrives, all the clothes they are interested in are already in their special fitting room. Most of the time, celebrities tell their assistants what they want in advance and the employees have time to prepare. In the room, the client might ask for anything: a drink, a snack, or a personal assistant.

7. Sales associates can’t violate the dress code.

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In the same store, the associates may be chosen because they are the same height, have the same body type, and have similarly attractive appearances. Their skin should be clear, and their hands should be beautiful. Sleeveless dresses are prohibited — their shoulders have to always be covered.

8. Sales associates never impose anything on you.

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Associates are supposed to be polite when trying to sell something. The clients of luxury brands rarely need clothes, because they have more than enough of them. They usually buy something impulsively. And the emotions they get from these purchases should be pleasant, to make them want to return. This is why sales associates are supposed to know the needs of their clients and be able to predict them.

9. Clients often use boutiques as places for meetings.

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In luxury stores, there are often coffee machines, expensive types of alcohol, snacks, and chocolates. Sales associates can even serve you champagne — this is a part of the personal service they offer. Because it is prohibited to force clothing on anyone, clients could spend the entire day in the store eating and drinking, but not buying anything at all.

Have you learned anything new about luxury stores? Maybe, you know some other facts that you can share with us?