11 Times Actors Didn’t Just Act But Expressed Real Emotions

Actors often face different problems when filming. For example, the performance of dangerous tricks that can cause inconvenience and even physical pain. Most actors deal easily with this problem: professional stuntmen help them. Or they at least try to be careful and avoid any harmful situations. But there are also fearless actors out there. Enlighten presents 11 stars that jeopardized their […]

11 Celebrities Who Have Aged Beautifully

Your age is but a number that embellishes your life. That’s what many celebrities think who look absolutely stunning for their age. Enlighten is going to use their example to show you that aging is not scary at all. 11. Julianne Moore (56 years old) marieclairewikimedia 56-year-old Julianne Moore only gets ever more beautiful over […]

11 Actors Who Appeared On-Screen Even After Death

Many actors are idolized during their life; some remain in the memory of their fans forever. And only the chosen ones can appear on-screen even after their death. Sometimes it’s because of the need to finish a movie, and sometimes the creators’ goals are commercial. Enlighten chose 11 amazing stories of famous actors’ “resurrections” in […]

10 Touching Moments of Fair Play in Sports That Make Us Respect Athletes Even More

Gold medals and first place are the things all sports players crave. But a sense of justice, sympathy, and responsibility are not just words for them either. Enlighten presents 10 of the most touching and decent moments of fair play in sports. 1. Brotherhood [wpcc-iframe src=”https://embed.gettyimages.com/embed/623142560?et=6snW8FGtQJZcO4f9KxlC8g&tld=com&sig=5hwI_HxR85hphpVlCH6DIwr17BkiZqzVHgKQvRWM4FY=&caption=false&ver=1″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ class=”_1s-400RHiVHAN7JctzU33c”] An example of real brotherhood. When […]

10+ People Who Made Live TV Unforgettable

Live videos show us the real behavior of the people we follow on social media and would like to know personally. It can also be quite educational to see their reactions to different kinds of awkward situations. Enlighten wants to show you ways of getting off the hook when no fails are allowed. You can also find some tips for avoiding an embarrassing situation. Let’s get started! And the […]