Nothing changes as fast as fashion trends do. But people desperately try to keep up with them anyway. It’s stylists who have the most up-to-date knowledge of fashion and some of them (luckily for us) are ready to share what they know on the Internet. Alexandra Gazinskaya, a stylist from Krasnoyarsk, has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram and believes that there’s no universal advice for everyone so she never gives recommendations like, “You should wear these clothes and don’t even try to put on these.” On the contrary, she reveals simple fashion tricks that will help you keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends.

We at BrightSide dove into Alexandra’s blog and found out what we should wear to look gorgeous in our everyday lives.

What tights we should choose

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  • Thick, black tights are an essential element of any winter wardrobe. Some women can replace them with dark brown or navy blue tights.
  • If you want to show your creative side, you should try different tones of monochrome tights. The color should match your shoes, dress, or skirt.
  • If you’re ready for some serious fashion experimentation, choose tights with prints that don’t match other clothes in color and use them as an accent piece.
  • But the main rule of wearing single-tone tights is to choose a pair that isn’t shiny at all. Shine will make your outfit look cheap and could add a few pounds to your legs. Choose matte tights and you won’t regret it.
  • If you’re going to a party or celebrating holidays like the New Year, you can wear shiny tights even with sparkling crystals or other bling. There are many creative options but they aren’t meant for everyday wear.

How to find the best pants rise for your body type

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There’s a common misconception that only extremely high-waisted jeans are in trend now. First of all, high-rise pants don’t look good on every body type. And secondly, they can seriously distort body proportions if, for example, your legs are too long. That’s why it’s a mid-rise that suits most people.

Tucking your jeans into your boots isn’t out of style — just remember about some nuances.

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  • Your high boots should have a wide opening. There’s should be some space between them and your leg.
  • You can also tuck in your pants into ankle boots.
  • Your trousers or jeans should be loose.
  • Don’t try to tuck in your pants too tightly. It’s better to add some chicness to your style by tucking in your pants and then sitting and getting up for the best result.

Who can wear cycling shorts, a hot new trend right now

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People often mistake cycling shorts for other pieces of clothing like Bermuda shorts and knickers. So they refer to “cycling shorts” as all pants that have a knee-length. But it’s better to know the difference between these types of pants.

  • Cycling shorts are shorter than knee-length shorts. Be careful with the kinds that are made of thin fabric or are too shiny. They look good only on very toned legs.
  • Bermuda shorts look good on most women which is a huge plus. They’re usually loose and have a knee-length but they can also be a bit longer.
  • Knickers look similar to cycling shorts but have a knee-length and are made of a thicker fabric. You don’t have to cover your groin when wearing them.
  • 3/4 pants cover the legs up to the middle of the lower thigh and are the best option for most women.

Leather clothes are a fashion trend as long as they don’t look tasteless.

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  • Avoid wearing tight leather clothing. For example, don’t wear leather leggings with a tight leather coat.
  • If you have many leather elements in your look, avoid high heels and choose flat shoes or sneakers.
  • Mix your leather clothes with a simple, basic piece of clothing like a white T-shirt, sweater, or jeans.
  • Your leather clothes should look modern and up-to-date with current fashion trends.

How to wear a sports bra outside of the gym

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  • Wear a sports bra with high-waisted pants and skirts as not to reveal too much skin on your stomach. It’s better to show only the area around your ribs.
  • Don’t wear a sports bra separately. Always add something on the top to cover it like a shirt, coat, or jacket.
  • Wear it with high-rise jeans and skirts.
  • If your sports bra is made of thick fabric, there’s no need to put on lingerie. If it’s a bit revealing, it’s better to wear a bra under it.

A piece of clothing that was fashionable last season can’t go out of style overnight.