Buying expensive perfume doesn’t ensure success. Just like a good suit, you should be able to “wear” a good perfume, at least this is what professional perfumers say. When you don’t know how to use your favorite perfume you just waste it without getting the effect you’re hoping for. You might even scare people away with your smell.

The Enlighten team has found out the main secret to using perfumes and wants to share them with you.

General rules

1. Different groups of perfumes should not be mixed.

When using several types of perfume cosmetics (for example, a perfume, a deodorant, and a body cream), buy products that match each other (preferably from the same product line). There shouldn’t be any other smells that conflict with your perfume. Ideally, your deodorant and body cream should not have any smell at all. If they do, don’t use them. Because we don’t believe that you want to smell like you used some kind of an insane mixture of scents!

2. Every perfume has its own time.

Don’t forget about the fact that it won’t be you who will smell the perfume, but other people. So, it’s really important that you know the right time to use the right perfume. You should use light smells during the day and during the warmer months. And when it becomes cold or when you are going to a party, you can use a perfume with a stronger scent.

3. Apply on your skin or on your clothes?

This is probably the most important rule of all: any perfume should be applied to the skin! Don’t forget about this rule when you change perfumes during the day.

Experts don’t recommend putting a perfume on your clothing. Fur, cotton, wool, and linen are very good at retaining smells. Just think about this: your fur coat can keep the smell for up to a year! Women that love changing perfumes should think about this. Besides, perfume can leave stains on light fabrics and can ruin your clothing permanently.

4. Don’t rub in the perfume.

One of the most popular mistakes people make is rubbing the perfume (like rubbing your wrists together after applying it). But if you do this, you ruin the molecules of the perfume. In order to keep the smell itself intact, it should be sprayed or put on with your fingers.

Where you should apply perfume

  • The area behind the ears and wrists
    In these areas, the blood vessels are really close to the surface of the skin, and the pulse and the temperature will help the smell to spread.
    IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Remember that there are a lot of fat glands in this area, so oil-based perfumes should not be used there.
  • Hair
    It is well known that hair saves smells really well thanks to its structure. However, you should remember some tricks: alcohol-based perfumes make hair dry, so it’s best to not put them on the hair itself, but instead spray them on your brush before using it.
    IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Oil-based and solid perfumes are not the best choices for hair because it is hard to spread them and may make hair look greasy.
  • Back of the neck
    This is probably the most “powerful” area: it keeps the smell longer than other areas.
    IMPORTANT TO KNOW: This area should be used only during winter and fall because the heat can make the smell too strong.
  • Elbow bend
    Perfumers believe that this area is more suitable for perfumes than the neck or the wrist. Pay attention to the fact that the skin here is really soft, so there is a risk of having an allergic reaction to some of the components of the perfume.


  • It’s best to store the perfume in a cold place, without the access to oxygen.
  • Don’t put perfume on your jewelry: it can get oxidized which won’t just ruin the appearance of your jewelry, but it will also change the smell.
  • The smell is best kept on oily skin. So before using a perfume, prep skin with a cream or a lotion.
  • A bright, saturated color, a low price, and an alcohol smell are the signs of a low-quality perfume.
  • In order to add a scent to your favorite shampoo or lotion, it’s best to put a few drops inside the bottle.

Which of these tips about using perfume was new to you? Tell us in the comment section below.