Advertising appeared many years ago, and it’s almost as old as trading. The first step was typography. Of course, many changes have occurred since then. Even the old advertising of a brand differs from its modern version.

Enlighten found some old advertisements of well-known companies. We want to share them with you and feel nostalgic about those times together.

28. Coca-Cola, 1890s


AKG Images/East News1919

AKG Images/East News27.Nestle chocolate, 1927


26. Max Factor cosmetics, 1958

25. Mumm champagne, 1920s

Album Online/East News

24. In the past, these shoes were basketball shoes. Converse, 1961

23. Philips electric shavers, 1989

22. Fiat automobiles, 1930s

Contrasto/East News21. Palmolive bar soap, 1920s

20. J&B Rare Scotch, 1972

Classic Film/flickr19. Lindt chocolate, 1880

18. Levi’s jeans, mid-20th century

17.Persil washing powder, “Washes as if by magic!” 1908

<-34">AKG Images/East News16. Mars chocolate bar, 1957

15. Lacoste, 1980

14. Heinekenbeer, 1950s

13. 7Up, 1957

<-43">James Vaughan/flickr12. Mentos, 2004

11. Apple, 1979

<-48">macmothership10. Schweppes, 1908

9. Оrео, 1950

8. Nivea, 1936

<-54">Susanlenox/flickr7. Тide washing powder, 1950

6. Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit, mid-20th century

<-59">wikipedia5. Kit Kat, 1930s

4. LM cigarettes, 1964

<-63">Classic Film/flickr3. Revlon, 1952

2. McDonald’s – when eating out was something special, 1960s

1. Philips autoradio, 1950s

Did you enjoy this compilation? Do you have any other rare advertising photos? Share them with us in the comments!