Commercials show us the image of a perfect woman that most of the time has nothing to do with reality. The point of marketing is making a potential customer think, “If I have this thing, I will look like the girl from the cover.” And because that magazine perfection is impossible to achieve, it makes people want to spend more and more money to be able to at least come close to it.

According to different studies, 80 % of women think that every woman has something unique about her appearance. But they don’t see that in themselves. Enlighten decided to figure out how marketers impose beauty standards on us and why we shouldn’t fall for that.

They idealize youth.

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The first cream with liposomes came out in 1983. At the time, they hadn’t managed to achieve an anti-aging effect, but it was the first step toward creating more advanced formulas. In 2019, the Neutrogena company presented the 3D-mask that is printed based on individual orders with the consideration of all the facial features. It is just as effective in terms of moisturizing and anti-aging as its fabric alternatives.

Nowadays, the edited photos of celebrities that are much older than 30-40-50 years old, only make us want to look at least just as good as they do, or even better. And all the ads they’re in spread the idea that you can fight against the onset of wrinkles.

However, there are many examples of famous women that are getting older, but preserving their natural beauty, for example, actress Helen Mirren or model Yasmina Rossi. All we have to do is change the vector of attention from the unachievable eternal youth to beautiful aging with cute wrinkles around the eyes.

They make us want to get plastic surgery.

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More and more women go to plastic surgeons in order to have the flaws in their appearances removed or fixed. But they are not really flaws. And the people that are scared of scalpels and other sharp objects are offered the newest innovations in the beauty industry. For example, the Gold Sculpting Bar, a vibrating facial massage machine. Actor Patrick Dempsey has already been able to assess its effectiveness and has posted a video on his Instagram page.

Besides, the popularity of nose jobs is growing even though, really often, the surgery has very negative consequences. But people are ready to do anything to have a beautiful nose, right? In order to support this new appearance after surgery, you need to have constant care and invest even more money. At the same time, the owners of beauty companies are counting and enjoying your money.

They impose the necessity of injections on us.

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Year by year, the number of women with fat lips and sharp cheekbones is growing. And it is not only about the obvious ads, but it’s also about the passive kind. We scroll the Instagram feed, or any other social media, and we see girls that look like Jessica Rabbit and we want to look just as good.

In South Korea, the new procedure of lip correction is very popular. The procedure is that the corners of the lips are lifted in order to create the illusion of a smiling face. Soon, this procedure may become a new trend.

The right usage of fillers allows you to correct the lips you already have or even create a completely new you. Of course, there is a huge risk of complications and side effects and you have to continuously do things to support this beauty endeavor.

They make us change our eyebrows and eyelashes all the time.

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You can’t just decide to keep your natural eyebrows or eyelashes that nature gave you. Today, when a celebrity or a beauty blogger shares a new trend, it spreads at lightning speed and becomes incredibly popular.

Your eyelashes can be laminated, painted, curled, or faked. Your eyebrows can be corrected, painted, or tattooed. All of these things require money and constant work. And also, you need to really look to find a good specialist, even though there are a lot of “experts” that offer their services.

This fall, glitter eyebrows are trendy. The Valentino fashion show had models with multicolored arcs above their eyes. Another fashion house, Dior, suggests that we go back several decades and recall the dramatic lower eyelashes like Twiggy had.

They make us want to have perfect nails.

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Nowadays, it is hard to find a girl that does her own nails. There are super-long lines of people that want to see nail artists. The manufacturers of nail products are expanding their product lines, offering different polishes, glitter, stickers, ribbons, brushes, and so much more.

In fact, you can not only have beautiful nails, but also make them useful. The La Roche-Posay company developed a small sensor that can be used to control the amount of UV-light exposure. All you have to do is put it on your nails and check the numbers on your smartphone.

They tell us that our teeth have to be perfectly straight and ideally white.

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According to the information provided by Technavio, the tooth enamel whitening market will have grown by 4% from 2017 to 2021. However, some brands have found a new way to look at this trend and are using tooth polish. This is completely harmless and approved by dentists.

It is not enough to just whiten (or paint) your teeth, you also need to straighten them. There are a couple of ways, but the most optimal one is still wearing braces. The procedure is not cheap and it is pretty lengthy. You can use different methods, but the prices for them will be completely insane.

If you don’t have any serious problems with your bite that would cause any physical discomfort, then there is no reason to fix it. Yes, it may be not very attractive but just look at some Hollywood stars: their teeth are not totally perfect. For example, Katy Perry’s lower teeth are not straight at all. She even compares them to the Rocky Mountains. But she is not going to fix them.

They make us want to be slim.

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Scientists from Harvard University did an experiment. They started it one month after the satellites started to broadcast TV signals to Fiji, the region where more rounded shapes were believed to be perfect. 3 years later, the scientists polled the women in the region. 50% of them described themselves as “too fat.” 15% admitted that they had caused themselves to vomit to look slim like the characters from their favorite series Melrose Place and Beverly Hills, 90210.

A very popular and very unusual method of losing weight is using the balloon system. With a gastroscopy, doctors put a balloon inside the stomach and leave it there for 6 months. During this period, the patient develops the right eating habits. The risk of them returning back to their original habits is low because people feel full much faster.

There is nothing wrong about being fit. But trying to achieve the perfect parameters set by the media may not just be unsuccessful, but also dangerous, as you might develop some health problems. It is better to listen to yourself, your feelings, and have the weight that feels the most comfortable and optimal specifically for you.

They make us wear the things they want to see us in.

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“You think this skirt doesn’t look good on you? Look closer. See how great it looks with the other clothes on the girl from the photo? The same piece of clothing will look great on you!” No, it won’t. At least, in most cases.

Retailers do all they can in order to cause us to lose our focus. The right styling can help increase the sales of a product dramatically. This is why it is almost impossible to find an individual photo of a product. In fact, they are not offering a product, they are offering a lifestyle. You should always try and look at a thing separately, evaluating its appearance in order to understand if it looks great in your specific case.

It seems like we should get rid of these stereotypes. What other examples of imposed beauty stereotypes can you think of?