My name is Polina and my everyday hair care routine includes washing my hair. I’m jealous of people who wash their hair once a week or even less often because they save so much time. And hairstylists also claim that washing hair often is dangerous for its health: as strange as it seems, the sebaceous glands activate in order to make up for the lack of sebum and hair becomes dirty at the speed of light.

In order to break this vicious cycle, I decided to try to not wash my hair for a week and still manage to look stylish, and tell the Enlighten readers about the results of my experiment. One condition: I have to do all my hairstyles myself and spend no more than 15 minutes per day on it, so it’s about the same time I spend on washing my hair.

Hair condition during the experiment

Day 1. Perfectly clean hair

The first morning, I washed my hair and I didn’t do any styling. What’s great about clean hair is how fresh it is. I plan to go to work and then see my friend. I just dried my hair with a hairdryer and fixed it with a hairpin. I think it looks very nice.

  • I used: a hairpin with a bow.

Day 2. Curls

In order to keep hair looking fresh, stylists recommend changing the hair part. After I curled my locks, I placed them on the side I never use. The secret is simple: the hair gets used to a certain position, loses the volume at the roots, and gets dirty right where the hair part usually is. When I changed the hair part, the volume came back, and I looked different and new: male drivers let me pass in traffic jams, and my husband invited me to the movies that evening.

  • I used: cone-shaped curling iron.

Day 3. Low ponytail

I still had some curls left from the previous day and I decided to use them. First, I fluffed my hair at the roots to hide the most easily noticed part of dirty hair and made a low ponytail. I fixed it with a spray and covered the roots with sunglasses — this allowed me to hide the fact that I hadn’t washed my hair for several days. I looked really businesslike, I worked productively, and in the evening, I had a family meeting planned and I was more than ready for it.

  • I used: a ponytail holder, sunglasses, and hairspray.

Day 4. Braid

My hair was really dirty at this point and in order to hide it, I used dry shampoo. This is an alternative to a full-fledged hair wash. The dry shampoo creates a cover around greasy hair making it look clear for a little while. But I couldn’t leave my hair down so I did a braid. A life hack: the thicker the braid is, the better it hides the fact that the hair is dirty. I even went to the gym with this hairstyle. It was really comfortable and nothing distracted me.

  • I used: a ponytail holder and dry shampoo.

Day 5. Partial Bun

After the braid I had the previous day, my hair was still a little wavy. And I decided that the best option for this day was to brush my hair a little at the roots in order to create additional volume, and then make a partial bun. By the way, if you have really dirty hair and you do not have enough time to wash it, highlight your beautiful lips. They distract the attention from your hair. This was what I did.

  • I used: a ponytail holder and invisible hairpins.

Day 6. Full Bun

Day 6 was my husband’s birthday which is a great reason to have a hairstyle for a celebration. I never thought it was this easy to do an evening hairstyle. Piece of cake! I brushed the roots a little bit (they were screaming that they hadn’t been washed for 6 days). I made a ponytail and wrapped the hair around a bun maker. Because it’s trendy to combine styles now, this hairstyle would look great with sportswear too.

  • I used: a bun maker, invisible hairpins, and a ponytail holder.

Day 7. Accessories

Why not go for a walk on a beautiful sunny day? This is what I did on day 7. In order to hide my greasy hair, I needed something really serious — a headscarf. I chose a very bright one so that it attracted attention. Hairstyles with headscarves can look great with either the hair down or up. I made a bun and fixed it with invisible hairpins.

  • I used: a ponytail holder, invisible pins, and a headscarf.

My results

Even though it was morally draining, the experiment was obviously really good for me:

  • I let my hair rest from everyday washing;
  • My sebaceous glands now work properly, so the scalp produces less grease;
  • Now my hair is fresh for 3-4 days;
  • Because I stopped washing my hair, I stopped using my hairdryer every day, so the hair is more elastic now;
  • I’ve noticed that my hair became shinier. When there is enough natural grease and I don’t remove it every day, it gets evenly spread when I brush my hair, so the ends are more moisturized;
  • I do different hairstyles and use accessories now;
  • And I get a lot of compliments.

How often do you wash your hair?