Up until today, we thought it was impossible to mistake soap for actual food. But Julia Popova, a Russia based soap maker, proved us wrong. Her works look so lifelike that we actually want to sink our teeth into her pancakes, jam jars, and salty snacks.

Enlighten hopes these masterpieces will fascinate you and maybe even make some of you want to check if it’s edible.

1. Once, Julia saw a photo of a frosted muffin on the Internet. It turned out to be made of soap.

Julia Popova / instagram

2. She immediately started thinking about how it could be made.

Julia Popova / instagram

“The muffin was quite sketchy but I was excited because I had only seen oval-shaped soap before.”

3. Julia took a shot at the art form when she was presented with a soap making kit for her birthday.

Julia Popova / instagram

4. That muffin impressed Julia so much that she continues to make “food” today.

Julia Popova / vk

5. “Food inspires me! I gaze at cakes at bakeries, and a pic from a restaurant menu can inspire an idea for a soap composition.”

Julia Popova / instagram6. “Sometimes I get inspired by people, movies, and travels.”

shutterstock.comJulia Popova / vk

“One time, after I had visited France, I was eager to make something that would have recaptured the French atmosphere. That’s how my olive jar and cheese plate came to light.”

7. Soap is usually made of a soap base with the addition of a fragrance and cosmetic color, but the real deal starts with the cast.

Julia Popova / instagram

That’s where a soap maker can really show off their creative soul.

8. Julia makes custom casts using real food. To make pancakes, she cooks them herself and chooses the best-looking ones.

Ash / pexelsJulia Popova / vk

“It was hard in the very beginning when I was learning how to work with silicone. Food floated, turned around, glass clung to silicone tightly, and the silicone didn’t become firm because it touched different surfaces. Now I know what to expect and what to do.”

9. Julia’s soap is often not used as intended: people buy it as a gift. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t wash with it.

Julia Popova / instagram

Actually, it’s better than typical soap: it’s nice to the touch and doesn’t crack or shrink your skin.

10. “My soap confuses, excites, and cheers people up!”

Julia Popova / vk

“People come to me with emotional intentions and buy soap as a gift to present to their family and friends.”

11. Julia lives in Russia and the 3 main holidays there are the busiest times for her.

<-32">Julia Popova / instagram

The New Year, International Women’s Day, and Defender of the Fatherland Day are her busiest holidays.

12. Speaking of the clients’ preferences, Julia says that women prefer “sweets” while men opt for more “salty” soaps.

<-35">Julia Popova / vk

13. Julia is a great example of how a person can make money doing what they love — soap making is her only job!

Julia Popova / vk

14. She’s expanding her sphere and is now creating a course to teach people how to make soap.

shutterstock.comJulia Popova / vk

15. Julia is always growing and prepares specialties for clients from time to time.

<-42">Julia Popova / vk

Unfortunately, she prefers to keep her future plans a secret — just in case something goes wrong.

Which soap made by our beautiful guest surprised you the most? Would you like to buy something like this or even learn to make it yourself?