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20 Photos of Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly the Same Age

Sometimes when following celebrities’ lives we have no idea that some of our idols have more in common than meetings on the red carpet and working together. In addition to these things, some of them are the exact same age. The Enlighten team cannot believe that these celebrities were born in the same year. Paul Rudd and Matthew Perry — 51 John Salangsang /eastnews.ruHalle Berry […]

19 Strange Things That Can Only Happen in India

India is undoubtedly one of the most interesting countries in the world. It strikes us with its contrasts, impresses us with its traditions and culture, and stays a secret for most foreigners. Enlighten gathered 19 amazing facts about this country of spices that will show India from a completely different side. 19. There are 6 seasons in India. depositphotosdepositphotosdepositphotos According to the Hindu calendar, there are 6 seasons in India: […]

17 Celeb Mom and Daughter Duos Who Could Be Twins

The question “Does she look more like her mom or dad?” loses its relevance with these young ladies because the answer is extremely obvious. Enlighten has found 17 celebrity daughters who look like younger copies of their mothers. And we think they have nothing to complain about since their moms are not only remarkably talented […]

16 Celebs Before They Hired Top Stylists

Purple hair, plastic surgery, a radical change of image, weight loss of 100 pounds – it’s amazing what celebrities will do to become even more popular and to keep making headlines. Today, we at Enlighten uncover 16 drastic celebrity style transformations that made a difference in their careers. Take a look at the photos of […]

16 Celebrity Photos From Their First Castings

Every Hollywood celebrity started in the same place: frequenting castings and auditions and haunting the thresholds of film studios. The Polaroid shots made by casting directors can show you what they looked like in the days when they just started to build their careers. We at Enlighten collected rare archive images and invite you to […]

15+ Pics Showing Family Is Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends

Meeting your grandchild for the very first time, graduating from university with the unconditional support of your grandparents, or adopting a pet, are little snippets that prove family holds a special place in our hearts. Family is what some of us call our “safe place” and where we get to understand firsthand what caring for one another really means. Scrolling through the following band-aids […]