“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” we’re sure you’ve heard this one before. It’s no secret that finding the ideal pair of shoes can make you feel amazing and confident. It doesn’t matter if they are sneakers, flats, stilettos, or espadrilles, etc. The truth is that, when chosen carefully, shoes can become your best ally in terms of comfort, fashion, appearance, and style.

We at Enlighten want to share some tips from image consultant Laura Malpeli de Jordaan, to help you adapt footwear trends to your personal needs.

1. The legs


There is a correlation between the heel and the legs. “If a woman with thick legs wears a skirt and combines it with thin-heeled shoes, they will make her legs look thicker,” says the consultant. Instead, opt for a shoe that has a medium to thick heel, if you have large calves or big ankles.

Thin / wide legs

The best footwear for thin legs is the one with details at the ankles, like ankle boots. You can also look for shoes that are tied right at the ankles, which will make the legs appear visually wider. Loafers can also help you make your calves appear bigger. As for wide legs, footwear that emphasizes the ankles should be avoided.

Short / long legs

Regarding the short legs, it’s not advisable to wear closed toe shoes since they only make your body look disproportionate. Footwear that emphasizes the ankles also usually drastically “cuts” the legs, so it’s better to avoid it. As for women with long legs, any type of footwear is going to suit you well.

2. The occasion

The Evil Wears Prada / Twentieth Century Fox

Choosing the right shoes for the occasion can make all the difference in terms of creating the right impression, and this principle should be applied to all kinds of footwear. That’s why it’s important to avoid overly informal and open designs in more conservative environments.

The height of the heel is also important, especially depending on the amount of time you have to spend wearing them. Health experts suggest that heels should be between 3 and 5 cm so that your weight can be distributed more evenly and so there’s less pressure on the front of your foot. If you feel you need that extra height more frequently, you can try platforms as an alternative, since they add the desired height and balance the weight on the feet.

3. Color

The color of the shoes can also be a determining factor. Black shoes, especially those with high lacing, look good on tall girls but won’t work for short girls, because they make your feet look smaller.

Neutral-colored footwear, on the other hand, visually lengthens the legs, so if you are a short person, nude pumps would be the best choice for you. It’s recommended to choose the ones that are closest to your skin tone. Of course, don’t forget that the color of your footwear should also compliment or coordinate with the colors of your outfit.

4. Visual effects

The tips of the shoes can modify the perception of the foot, making it look wider or narrower and shorter or longer. Pointed shoes tend to style the instep and create a leg lengthening effect, if combined with tights and pants in the same tone, so this combo is recommended for those who want to appear taller. However, it’s not recommended for those who have very thin legs, unless the shoes have details or “visual cuts” in the design that generate the opposite effect.

Square toe shoes can add a little visual bulk to your feet, but should be avoided if you have wide ankles. Shoes with rounded toes can also visually widen your legs, but not as much as square toe ones. In addition, they can be more comfortable in comparison to pointed shoes.

5. Style

Style is probably the most important aspect to consider. No matter what the fashion magazines dictate, the best footwear makes us feel comfortable and reflects our style.

The personal image is the narration and externalization of the identity of each one of us. A more “feminine” woman may prefer to wear heels over wearing flats or sneakers; but the women who prefer a simple and casual style will surely be more comfortable in shoes without heels or, perhaps, with low heels. The idea is to follow that instinct that we all have and that is dictated by our style and personality.

What is your favorite footwear? Do you agree with the saying: “A man is known by the shoes he wears”?