The bond with your pet is almost unbreakable. And Spanish illustrator Gemma Gené, who is the proud parent of a pug named Mochi, knows this for sure. She started drawing her adorable pooch while going to work on the subway in 2014, because she missed him, and now Gemma has over 342k followers who adore Mochi and know the habits of this pup like it’s their own pet.

Here at Enlighten, we gathered the cutest illustrations, so you can take a look and count how many pics you’ll recognize your pet in.

1. I’m sorry Mochi.

157ofgemma / instagram2. “I am very lucky to have my own bodyguard.”

157ofgemma / instagram3. Did somebody say “treat”?

157ofgemma / instagram4. I can’t remember what it’s like to be in the bathroom alone.

157ofgemma / instagram5. True story

157ofgemma / instagram6. Mochi: *exists* Me: *Dies of love*

157ofgemma / instagram7. A little snoring angel

157ofgemma / instagram

8. Thankfully Mochi has solid anti-toddler kidnapper protection, his weight!

157ofgemma / instagram

9. “My favorite thing in the world is when I look at Mochi and I realize he is starting at me.”

157ofgemma / instagram10. When you work from home: