Austrian artist Gerhard Haderer is known for his honest and bold illustrations. For several years now in the comic book MOFF published by Scherz & Schund Fabrik, he has been publishing illustrations that shout about the problems and sins of modern society.

Enlighten has prepared 16 incisive illustrations by Haderer where you will easily recognize the modern world.


Gerhard Haderer2.

Gerhard Haderer3.

Gerhard Haderer4.

Gerhard Haderer5.

Gerhard Haderer6.

Gerhard Haderer7.

Gerhard Haderer8.

Gerhard Haderer9.

Gerhard Haderer10.

Gerhard Haderer11.

Gerhard Haderer12.

Gerhard Haderer13.

<-32">Gerhard Haderer14.

<-34">Gerhard Haderer15.

<-36">Gerhard Haderer16.

Gerhard Haderer

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