In order to create true masterpieces, you don’t always have to have super-expensive tools. Japanese artist Masayo Fukuda has been using a scalpel, paper, and a flashlight for more than 25 years. This small number of tools allowed her to create a whole series of underwater creatures that look like they are real. Masayo not only makes sea creatures — she also creates birds, people, and flowers.

The artist, also known as Kiri Ken (Cutting Sword), works in the Kirie technique. This is a very traditional kind of Japanese art. Masayo lives with her son and husband and takes part in art exhibitions in Japan. Lately, she has gotten a lot of orders and she is planning to open an online shop where you can buy her work. She thinks that her best work is an octopus that took her 2 months to cut out. We at Enlighten loved Masayo Fukuda’s work so much that we decided to share it with you.


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