The Lion King is definitely a childhood favorite for most of us. So much so that it ranks as the best-selling home video of all time. We thought these characters couldn’t be any more relatable, but Marco the Artist stunned us all. He states that his mission is to recreate “the stories of our childhood” and he succeeded in that by drawing characters from the movie as human-like animals wearing present-day fashion.

Enlighten now presents you with his project, Pridelands, with a list of extremely creative and detailed pieces of art.

1. Simba and Nala

mastermindsconnect / Instagram2. Kiara

mastermindsconnect / Instagram3. Timon and Pumbaa

mastermindsconnect / Instagram4. Rafiki

mastermindsconnect / Instagram5. Scar

mastermindsconnect / Instagram6. Mufasa

mastermindsconnect / Instagram7. Zira

mastermindsconnect / Instagram8. Vitani

mastermindsconnect / Instagram9. Kovu

mastermindsconnect / Instagram10. Baby Simba