Every other adult watches a movie several times a week, while every fifth person claims to watch one every single day. While our interest in the film industry is colossal, a Dutch graphic designer has found a way to keep people even more amused. Ard Gelinck creates photos where we can see our favorite actors next to the roles that made them icons, leaving them looking like best buds.

We at Enlighten were blown away by these 25 photos, and perhaps you’ll find them just as flabbergasting.

1. Joaquin Phoenix and the Joker

ardgelinck / instagram2. Inger Nilsson and Pippi Longstocking

ardgelinck / instagram3. Johnny Depp and the Hatter

ardgelinck / instagram4. Robin Williams and Mork

ardgelinck / instagram5. Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Green

ardgelinck / instagram6. Jim Carrey and The Mask

ardgelinck / instagram7. Sylvester Stallone and Rocky

ardgelinck / instagram

8. Robert Pattinson with Cedric Diggory (from the Harry Potter franchise)

ardgelinck / instagram9. Neil Patrick Harris and Doogie Howser M.D.

ardgelinck / instagram10. Marty McFly and Michael J. Fox