We all have different hobbies, whether it be cooking, gardening, or hiking. Illustrator Leighton Luckey, for example, makes comics. The characters are people, animals, and sometimes even cogs in a mechanism, not always having the easiest time in life. But they’re so realistic and funny at the same time, that you’ll want to leave the comment: “I sooo can relate.” Trust us.

Here at Enlighten, we love comics, and what we love even more is to share the best ones with you. You can thank us later.

1. The spice must flow…

tryingtimescomics / instagram2. Sometimes you forget what’s under the beard…

tryingtimescomics / instagram3. It hurt once, but what about…twice?

tryingtimescomics / instagram

4. Do you think snails ever feel late, or are they in a constant state of late anxiety? I hope it’s the former.

tryingtimescomics / instagram5. Flowers and trees, why do you hurt so good?

tryingtimescomics / instagram6. Sometimes, a living weighted blanket is all you need.

tryingtimescomics / instagram7. Numbers don’t lie.

tryingtimescomics / instagram8. “But I specifically requested no debate….”

tryingtimescomics / instagram9. I’m sure we’ll meet again…and again, and again.

tryingtimescomics / instagram10. A vicious cycle we’re all stuck in