In this day and time, when tattoos can take on all shapes, colors, and sizes, it’s hard to impress a tattoo lover, but Tukoi Oya, a tattoo artist from Australia, literally makes her clients glow. These tattoos are done the same way all ordinary tattoos are, but the UV inks, which don’t show up in the daylight, start glowing under UV light and tell the most exciting stories.

Here at Enlighten we couldn’t take our eyes off these amazing tattoos by Tukoi Oya, and here are some of her works we want to share with you.


_____tukoi_____ / Instagram2.

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_____tukoi_____ / Instagram4.

_____tukoi_____ / Instagram_____tukoi_____ / Instagram5.

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_____tukoi_____ / Instagram<-31">_____tukoi_____ / Instagram13.

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<-36">_____tukoi_____ / Instagram15.

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<-43">_____tukoi_____ / Instagram18.