Chen Jie is a tattoo artist from China and founder of Newtattoo Studio tattoo workshop. She has become extremely popular on Instagram due to the bewitching beauty of her work, which looks like a watercolor painting. The artist attracted many overseas clients to her native China due to her style, which has the spirit of traditional Chinese culture. She runs her own boutique studio at Sanlitun, where she turns bodies into living canvases.

Here at Enlighten, we looked at the tattoos that Chen Jie makes, with our mouths wide open. We’d love for you to get your daily dose of beauty together with us.

The artist’s career started with some pretty unusual inspiration.


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Chen Jie remembers the day that she saw a tattoo that invited her into the world of body art. It was a tattoo on Angelina Jolie’s arm, that the artist saw in a magazine. She later got even more inspired by an artist who taught her the intricacies of tattooing, and finally, in 2004, she made up her mind to dedicate her life to this art.


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