Duran is a true legend of the internet. This anonymous artist has been posting his sarcastic comics online for more than 10 years. Duran’s art can be easily recognized, his work had gained thousands of likes and more than 800,000 followers have already subscribed to the artist’s group in “Vkontakte,” a social network that is popular in Eastern Europe.

Enlighten has been followingDuran’s work for a long time and decided to show you some of his most popular comics today.


Duran / vk2.

Duran / vk3.

Duran / vk4.

Duran / vk5.

Duran / vk6.

Duran / vk7.

Duran / vk8.

Duran / vk9.

Duran / vk10.

Duran / vk

Which of Duran’s comics did you like the most?