Unlike the western world, in Japan, seeing a black cat is a positive omen. In the fantastic illustrations by the young Japanese artist known as Kubo, you can see many black cats along with other giant but friendly furry animals like rabbits, hamsters, and dogs. This is what creates such a magical, comforting fantasy world that you’d definitely want to live in.

Here at Enlighten, we love art and furry animals. And when they’re combined, we can’t help but share it with you!

ariduka55 / tumblrariduka55 / tumblr

Kubo is a young illustrator from Japan who borrowed the idea of drawing giant furry animals from Studio Ghibli, a very famous animation film studio that created Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle and Totoro.

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As the artist shares, he’s been creating anime drawings since he was a little kid.

ariduka55 / tumblr

This curious Japanese artist gained worldwide popularity about a year ago and now has over 200,000 followers on his Twitter and Tumblr accounts. He creates his illustrations under the pseudonyms Ariduka55 or Monokubo and has a particular, recognizable style.

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He portrays normal human reality, Japanese urban landscapes, and the countryside, but adds huge fluffy cats, pandas, rabbits, dogs, and chicks. So if a person and an animal are together in one picture, the human is so tiny that they can fully hide in the creature’s fur.

ariduka55 / tumblr

Most of his work leaves us with a cozy, pleasant feeling due to his use of delicate light like a mild sun that shines indirectly through leaves, trees, doors, and windows. This technique even has a name in Japanese known as “komorebi” (木漏れ日).

ariduka55 / tumblr

Despite their size, animals in the magical world of Kudo are never aggressive but instead are very friendly and either play or cuddle with the tiny humans.

13033303 / twitter13033303 / twitter

The artist shares his illustrations on his Twitter, Tumblr and Pixiv accounts, but you can also purchase his art book here.

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