Not very long ago, people believed that a few extra hairs on the eyebrows were something to be ashamed of. But, apparently, those beauty standards don’t work now. Women from all over the world have started accepting the hairy parts of their bodies and growing their eyebrows out in a natural way. So, to celebrate their love for a single eyebrow, they’ve been posting their photos under the hashtag #unibrowmovement on Instagram.

Enlighten suggests that you have a look at these 12 brave women, who are not afraid to challenge beauty standards. And as a bonus, you’ll see the woman who was the first to bring this topic to social media.


shobamathen / instagram11.

wigre / instagram10.

pioneerprincesss / instagram9.

shyamalimac / instagramShyamalima / youtube8.

mihooonaa / instagram7.

uniquebeautync / instagram6.

Jessica Its All Good / facebookJessica It’s All Good / youtubejessica_itsallgood / instagram5.

giuliabnagle / instagrampetermellekas / instagram4.

loladimarzio / instagram3.