Illustrator Blue Lan Shengjie who recently became a dad found new inspiration for his work. Ever since his son was born, he started a new illustration series about being a single dad and his everyday life with his little one. On both his Facebook page and website, he shares the experiences, challenges, and blessings that come with fatherhood.

We at Enlighten have gathered some of his most interesting and relatable illustrations that will make you appreciate single parents even more, whether or not if you’re a parent yourself.

1. Reading a book to his little one and setting a good example

BLUE流 / Facebook2. Running out of milk powder again

BLUE流 / Facebook3. Watching him play with the lamp switch while trying to work

BLUE流 / Facebook4. Always wanting to be held by his dad

BLUE流 / Facebook5. Building a castle out of boxes for him so that he can play

BLUE流 / Facebook6. Snapping photos to keep all the memories of him growing up

BLUE流 / Facebook

7. Allowing him to express himself creatively on the walls while trying to teach him how to paint

BLUE流 / Facebook

8. Capturing the moment he wants the toys that other children touch

BLUE流 / Facebook

9. The little one is just learning to walk so his dad is his stepping stone.

BLUE流 / Facebook10. Holding him steady while his grandma gives him a haircut

BLUE流 / Facebook

11. Trying to see if the secondhand clothes they got will fit this time

BLUE流 / Facebook12. Borrowing diapers

BLUE流 / Facebook13. Showing him the view from the car at night

<-33">BLUE流 / Facebook14. Sleeping in the exact same position as his dad

<-35">BLUE流 / Facebook15. Discovering the world through his son’s eyes

BLUE流 / Facebook

16. Letting him touch the leaves because everything is new to him

BLUE流 / Facebook17. Showing him a mirror for the first time

<-42">BLUE流 / Facebook18. Trying to prevent mosquitos from biting his little one