Michael Zajkov is an incredible artist from Russia — one look at the magical dolls he creates will have you feeling both impressed and slightly startled — because of how realistic every one of his pieces looks. He has managed to gather over 1 million followers, who all closely admire his fascinating work process and art.

Enlighten has come across these captivating dolls that look like they will start breathing and talking at any moment, and we thought we just had to share his impressive pieces with you!


michael_zajkov / InstagramThe creation of each doll begins with the search for an image, followed by a sketch.


michael_zajkov / Instagram

The artist then starts working on the head — it all begins with a ball of tin foil, on top of which he adds multiple layers of clay, creating hyper-realistic, anatomically correct structures. The eyes of the dolls are handmade in Germany by Lauschaer Glasaugen.


michael_zajkov / Instagram4.

michael_zajkov / InstagramMichael Zajkov paints the face of the dolls, adding all the details in the right places — eyebrows, lips, freckles — each of these things are patiently added until the final result is one that perfectly resembles a human face.


michael_zajkov / Instagram6. Yulia

michael_zajkov / Instagram

The hair of the dolls is made from high-quality French Mohair or llama wool, perfectly imitating human hair. Michael Zajkov adds every single strand of hair by hand — you can check this process in-depth here.


michael_zajkov / Instagram8. Alexey

michael_zajkov / Instagram9. JunHo

michael_zajkov / InstagramThe dolls measure approximately 70 centimeters / 27.5 inches in height.

10. Margarita, Jack, & Nina

michael_zajkov / Instagram11. Anna

<-31">michael_zajkov / Instagram12. Olga

<-34">michael_zajkov / Instagram13. Valeria

<-36">michael_zajkov / Instagram14. Jack

michael_zajkov / Instagram15.