Some people call bad tattoos mistakes of the past and they end up investing a lot of time and money to remove them. Some people, however, choose a different route – they go to a tattoo artist to turn a bad one into a masterpiece. And sometimes, these turn out to be some of the most incredible tattoos.

We at Enlighten have collected user pictures proving that even the worst tattoo can be fixed.

An amazing dog inspires an amazing tattoo

technologicalPhantom/reddit.A seahorse turned into a cute bee

pschell/redditExcuse me, you’ve got a blooming tree on your back!

retardvark/redditIt used to look as if it was sunburned…

SpaggettiBill/redditFrom mysterious symbols to beautiful scenery

dwdwaterdrop/imgurThe lavender sprig doesn’t look so lonely anymore.

babygoof/redditThis turned into a superb owl:

technologicalPhantom/redditLooks like Simba’s mood has improved!

shaldaya/redditDon’t be sad! It’s your birthday!

Vo1ka/pikabuWhen a real rose is blooming on your shoulder:

shaldaya/redditIt used to be a bow and now it’s a flower.

Vo1ka/pikabuHe must have had a terrible fight with Kim!


We think that the girl from the first photo is happy about her new look.

ArtieVAM/imgurWhen the Beast turns out better than the Beauty:

<-33">WereAboutToArgue/imgurEveryone could use a third eye.

<-35">shaldaya/redditPikachu is making his first steps in art.

u/Donnol/redditThis man’s gang tattoo became a rose:


In which case do you think the author did the best job? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!