More than 500,000 people have already subscribed to the Instagram account of Yana Fisti. This can only mean one thing: her fans want to know the ins and outs of fashion, stay updated about the new trends for each next season, and understand how to adjust modern, and sometimes even weird, trends to their everyday life.

We at Enlighten wish the world was full of people who were pleased with their reflection in the mirror that’s why we found some advice from Yana’s blog that can be easily used on a regular basis.

One of the top questions this season is, “Are ankle boots still trendy?”

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These things will never leave the fashion world — it would be impossible to live without this type of footwear. The 3 items in the picture above — a plaid shirt, jeans, and ankle boots are the basis for certain styles: like Country, Americana, and Boho. The styles themselves are mainstays in the fashion world. In addition, we stopped dressing in purely one style a long time ago — designers keep mixing them and creating more and more combinations every season. At the same time, there will always be clothes and footwear that are out of trend or season — still, we can wear them the way we want and adjust them to our individuality.

The frequently asked question — which size do you choose: yours, not yours, or oversize?

I insist on forgetting about putting people into S, M, L size categories. Something that is not your size can fit you perfectly, while the item that is in your size can look ugly on you. All brands have different size charts and the US 4th size in one brand, can be the 8th size in another one. Try on different sizes, experiment — this is the only way you’ll be able to understand what looks good on you and what you need to stay away from.

Don’t go for the numbers and letters on the label — they tell about you as much as the number on your passport. There are women who are ready to do anything to have the sacramental XS showing off on a label that only their back sees. The fact that the XS looks so-so doesn’t bother them at all. Don’t be like that!

A must-have in any wardrobe

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If I suddenly get attacked by a fashion-maniac in a dark alley and he asks me to name the must-have item in any wardrobe, I’ll say that every woman should have a suit with loose trousers. It’s beautiful and universal. This is the very thing that can be worn on any occasion.

How to get ready for a new season:

  • Sort out all the piles of tight knitwear that have been waiting for their turn for a long time. Throw away the items that are really bad quality! Stop praying for them and hoping that they will miraculously resurrect from the dead or that they will suddenly become trendy.
  • Some things can be given away for recycling or to second-hand shops — there are actually many options. Check them for defects and holes, for faded prints, or to see if the white color of the fabric has turned yellow, and restore them if possible. If it’s impossible to do this, say goodbye to those things.
  • So, we have got rid of old things! Perfect! Now we need to add something new. Start with big white sneakers — they are practical, comfortable, and super-fashionable. They look nice and go with anything.
  • Choose and buy at least one super trendy item of clothing that you’ll definitely wear in this season, let something “hot” appear in your wardrobe — beige leather items, colorful bike shorts, faded denim, raincoats, bags with wooden beads, tie-dye, crochet, etc.
  • Get yourself glasses with colorful frames, or hair grips, handkerchiefs, hair bands, belts, etc. in bright colors. The investments won’t be costly and you are guaranteed to have that feeling of novelty and freshness. ⠀

Hollywood celebrities have started to wear tight pieces of clothing that look like divers’ wetsuits in everyday life.

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It looks sexy, comfortable, and warm. Runways also paid attention to this trend and started to use it. I think only women fully confident in their perfection can let themselves wear these things. That’s why there is a lighter adaptation of this trend — long-sleeves with a collar and a half zip. You’ll end up getting the image of “a surfer’s girlfriend.” These long-sleeves look perfect with suits and much fresher than the usual turtlenecks.

Pearls used to be out, they smelled like moth balls and were mentioned with the prefix “anti.”

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Now pearls have been reborn. Today we wear pearls not only with veil hats, but also with jeans, sneakers, athletic clothing, voluminous trench coats, T-shirts, hoodies, and other atypical for “classical” pearls things. Therefore, if you still haven’t gotten yourself a strand of these, it’s high time you did it. You can also find them in the wardrobes of your moms and grannies.

Phrases that make me cringe

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  • Basic wardrobe. All because there is no universal formula for all the wardrobes in the world. You might have one basic, Kim Kardashian has a different one. And it’s normal.
  • Capsule wardrobe. I believe that “capsule” is only appropriate on journeys where people have certain limitations. In other cases, it’s not ok because people should understand the principles of combining clothes, instead of limiting themselves with a certain amount of items in their wardrobe. That’s a utopia.
  • Color types, autumn dramatic, gamin. If you want to restrain yourself, that’s the glossary for you. But if you want to be free, you’d better forget about them like a nightmare. These terms don’t have anything to do with style. Just look at the people who “preach” about them and you’ll understand everything.
  • A universal bag suitable for any occasion. When I am asked to recommend a bag for all possible life occasions, I can’t do it until I personally see you and check out your wardrobe. I can give an adequate answer only after a detailed analysis of your clothing items. Anyway, after checking your wardrobe thoroughly, I’ll be able to recommend at least 2-3 bag types that will look good with the items you have. It won’t be one bag for sure.
  • Is black still trendy? Yes, I still hear this kind of question.
  • “Hmmm, it doesn’t look feminine!” If you look closer, you’ll see a callus on this phrase because it’s used too often. Haven’t you heard that gender can be changed without surgery — with the help of sneakers and oversized items? I am also surprised (actually no I’m not).

Most of us make the same mistakes when choosing knitwear. So here are a couple of pieces of advice:

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  • The thickness of the fabric. Knitwear can be thin, thick, and very thick. The thickness of the fabric actually doesn’t mean a lot — you always need to try it on and check to see how it fits you. If there is no air between your body and the clothes, there is a risk that it won’t look good on you. It’s worth wearing tight knitwear only when you have a 100% perfect body shape.
  • Quality. If the knitwear is bad quality, it will instantly spoil everything. It shouldn’t roll. Compare the items in budget shops and in more expensive ones, the difference will be obvious.
  • Knitwear with a ribbed bottom. Everything actually depends on your goals. On one hand, the ribbed part will enhance your hips. At the same time, if you want to hide your belly or big breasts, this option will be good for you. I don’t have this goal, which is why I often choose bottom-loose models that actually hide the hips.

What to wear knitwear with

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  • Tuck in your sweater and show the belt or button.
  • You can wear sleeves so that they cover the biggest part of your palms, and if they are a bit big for you or vice versa, you can try rolling them up.
  • Hide a part of your hair in your sweater’s collar and hide the second part behind your ear — it will create asymmetry. Thanks to this careless little thing, the look in most cases comes off as cool. It should look as if you were putting the sweater on and forgot to take your hair out.
  • Accessories are important. Chains with pendants in 70s styles and a bracelet worn over the sleeves are always a good idea because they look simple, but original.
  • Don’t forget about the color. Beige and gray are a perfect combination, but sometimes choosing matching shades of neutral colors is actually more difficult than bright ones.

Those who are tired of “ugly” trends, as well as the styles of the 80s and 90s, and those who strive for something feminine, will definitely like the styles of the 70s.

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Any woman can “build” a suitable-for-her look from the eclecticism of the 70s. What shall we search for and what shall we wear? Brown velvet skirts, old turtlenecks over which pendants and chains can be worn, bowties, light dresses with geometric prints, A-line silhouettes, checkered items, flared jeans, platform shoes, knee-high boots, brown suede, and leather.

For inspiration, you can try watching movies like Kramer vs. Kramer, Annie Hall, or Klute or read Burda Style magazine from the 1970s. The fall/winter fashion show from Celine — 2019/ 2020 can be a perfect segue too. It will instantly become clear how you should wear trendy items in retro styles, in the modern world.

It’s only by comparing “before” and “after” that you’ll understand whether your look is stylish or not.

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Girls are afraid of colors they are not used to, they are afraid of new hairstyles, afraid that a hairdresser will cut off a couple more inches of their hair, afraid to get a darker or a lighter hair color, afraid to wear a new shape of heels, afraid to wear different makeup, afraid to show their advantages and to be awkward. Though I would say looking awkward is actually an important moment every woman should go through — otherwise, she won’t understand what is good and what is bad.

A woman’s psychological age can be spotted without a test on the internet.