To save people from dying of boredom when staying at home, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles started a new challenge. All you need to do is choose your favorite artwork, find 3 things lying around your house, and then recreate the piece with those items.

While you’re preparing your own masterpieces, Enlighten suggests you take a look at these 19 examples of creativity that are sure to inspire you!


fedynskaia / instagramWikimedia Commons18.

hannahemilyglennon / instagramWikimedia Commons17.

evacondecorbal / instagramkingjartur / instagramEva Conde-Corbal / facebookArturo KJ / facebookWikimedia Commons16.

kamillaartemyeva / instagramWikimedia Commons15.

chapich_ / instagramWikimedia Commons14.

most_mortem / instagramtarticus / instagramWikimedia Commons13.

marthaslookingglass / instagramMartha’s Looking Glass / facebookWikimedia Commons12.

milena.dawidzionek / instagramWikimedia Commons11.

francesco.degrazia / instagramari.2le / instagramWikimedia Commons10.

tylerguntherart / instagramWikimedia Commons9.

federic0manfredi / instagramThe Masterpiece and IFederico Manfredi / The Masterpiece and I / facebook#themasterpieceandi / instagramFelix Nussbaum / Wikimedia Commons8.

rumpelausdemwald / instagrampainting-in-oil.com7.

paintsabin / instagramartnet.com6.

<-32">katia_nikitina_uk / instagramwildberries.by5.

<-35">azzazn / instagramart.com4.

MiDusa / redditWikimedia Commons3.

SaraMAdamiJohn1 / twitterart.com2.