Charles Leval, or Levalet, is a French artist who creates his street art masterpieces using humor and absurdity. Based in Paris, Levalet manages to brilliantly transform its walls, streets, sidewalks, and other ordinary objects into satirical pieces of art that express his worldview and challenge our modern way of life.

Enlighten collected 22 of the most impressive works by Levalet that certainly won’t leave you indifferent.

22. Tapped

Levalet / facebookLevalet / facebook21. Incognito

Levalet / facebookLevalet / facebook20. Selfish

Levalet / facebook19. A fool’s game

Levalet / facebook18. Reload

Levalet / facebook17. Sandman

Levalet / facebookLevalet / facebook16. Danse macabre

Levalet / facebook15. 15 minutes of fame

Levalet / facebook14. Minotaur

Levalet / facebookLevalet / facebook13. Public service

Levalet / facebook12. The order of things

Levalet / facebook11. Do not cross

Levalet / facebookLevalet / facebook10. Bankruptcy

Levalet / facebookLevalet / facebook9. Packaging

<-32">Levalet / facebook8. Conflict of interest

<-34">Levalet / facebook7. Striptease

<-36">Levalet / facebook6. Eternal return

Levalet / facebook5. Discipline