Did you know that when most people guess the ages of others, they overestimate the age of those who look older than they are? And it works the other way around too! How many times have you noticed that you look older in photos and in the mirror vs how many times someone has said you looked younger? This is all because it’s easy to trick the human brain.

Dermatologist, cosmetologist, and founder of a beauty product company, Tiina Orasmae talks about a series of signs that people use to determine someone else’s age both in photos and in real life. And the most important thing to remember is that wrinkles don’t really matter here.

We at Enlighten believe that it’s nice when people say good things about our appearance no matter what age or gender we happen to be. But sometimes, a series of different factors force other people to see us “less fresh and charming” than we really are. But don’t worry, we’ve found a way to fix this.

12. Even skin tone

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Pigment spots are the uneven distribution of melanin in the skin cells which makes some parts of the face look darker than others. An even skin tone makes you look way younger.

11. Characteristics of volume

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This is all about the cheekbones, lips, and chin. In youth, these parts of the face are usually more prominent: the cheekbones are higher, the lips are fuller, and the chin has clearer lines. All you have to do is use these parts of the face to your advantage and highlight them. When a face is more voluminous, it looks younger.

10. Eye size

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“The bigger the eyes, the younger the face” is the ultimate rule for all Europeans. With age, the length of the upper eyelid increases as it starts to cover the upper edge of the eye.

9. Clear facial lines

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Clear facial lines are associated with youth. This is all because of the skin’s elasticity. The younger we are, the easier it is to support the elasticity of the skin. With age, the skin becomes thinner and it stretches. This is why when facial lines are uneven or unclear, people think that the person is older than they are.

8. Ear and nose size

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The smaller the ears and the nose, the younger the face. The thing is, the ears and nose are some of the few parts of the body that keep growing throughout our entire lives. So we link big noses and big ears with age even though we don’t realize it.

7. Wrinkles and folds

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This is seemingly simple: the fewer the wrinkles, the younger the person. But in fact, in order not to look older than you are in a photo, all you have to do is make sure the skin color is even, the eyes are highlighted, and not draw attention to the ears and nose. The number of wrinkles doesn’t really matter because they don’t actually make people look older. That’s because even younger people can have wrinkles thanks to their genes.

6. Speed and motion fluidity

It turns out that if we were to compare 2 identical videos of the same person — one at regular speed and the second a bit faster — in the second video, the person will look younger. The faster a person moves, the younger we think they are. But there’s something else you should know: it’s not only about the speed, but it’s also about the motion’s fluidity. The more fluid you move, the younger you look.

5. Clothes and style

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Whether it’s a long, dark dress or an authentic disco look — untrendy clothes look old even if they’re brand new. This makes the person who wears them look older. What you can do, however, is mix some retro-style clothing with ultra-trendy pieces.

4. Haircut

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Being naturally dynamic makes us look younger. This is not only in reference to clothing, but it’s also prevalent in the smallest of details like, for example, hair that doesn’t look neat, or an outdated style.

Most of the time, a combination of small things we don’t usually notice make the entire impression of a person about age. And this impression is not always right.

3. Facial movement

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The paradox is that a motionless forehead is perceived with our subconsciousness as a sign of being old. Maybe it’s because we are already used to botox and the lack of movement in celebrities — or perhaps it’s because the older generation is less emotional. But the following is still true: if a person doesn’t have a lot of facial expressions, it means they’re old. At least, our brain thinks this way.

2. Posture

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When entering a room, look at the ceiling, not the floor. This is a simple rule that everyone should follow if they want to look like a person who is full of energy and power. A rounded back with low shoulders looks old because older people don’t have as much muscle strength to maintain the correct posture.

1. Self-confidence

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Surprisingly, a confident 30-year-old woman may be believed to be a bit older. It’s all because of their facial expression.

In general, if you take everything above into account, remember this simple tip: there’s nothing scary about having wrinkles. What you should avoid is being insecure, old-fashioned, slow, and indifferent. These are all things that truly make us look older than we are.

What tips did you like the most? And what do you think is the secret of youth?