Imagine having your pen and paper sketch turn into a larger-than-life stuffed animal. This is the specialty of Budsies, a South Florida-based company that is on a mission to make the world more huggable. They can turn any piece of artwork into a fluffy creature, “empowering anyone to make their own line of toys.”

We at Enlighten believe in the joy of dreams becoming a reality, and here is proof that a fragment of your imagination can become a real-life cuddly buddy!

Baby Yoda

Budsies / FacebookA touch and feel flower

Budsies / Instagram Freddy the scarecrow

Budsies / InstagramSPIKBOW the friendly monster

Budsies / InstagramThe perfect princess

Budsies / FacebookFrom paper to plushy

Budsies / InstagramThe girl in the lemon dress

Budsies / InstagramSammy the demon fox

Budsies / InstagramFluffer the flying snake

Budsies / InstagramApollo Sunstream