Every 5th woman in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has undergone some form of plastic surgery. That means that 60% of women in their 20s have decided to alter something about their appearance. It’s no wonder South Korea is called the plastic-surgery capital of the world. Korean women feel a need to be beautiful and live up to high beauty standards. But while surgery is one thing, profound home care is another, helping women to look younger and maintain porcelain-like skin.

At Enlighten, we love learning about the latest and greatest in skincare and want to help you master their anti-aging and color-perfecting effects. We want to introduce you to these complicated yet excellent regimens for pampering your skin. Feel free to choose some or all 10 of the following steps.

1. Oil cleanser


Removing makeup before going to bed is the golden rule of any beauty addict. And if your mom hasn’t taught you that yet, we’ll do it for her! Your skin needs to breathe and get some rest during sleep, and the only way to do this is to get rid of all the makeup, dust, and dirt that your face has collected throughout the day.

Oil cleansers are the best helpers here because oil dissolves makeup like no other. Take a fair amount, massage it over your dry face and let the oil do its job. Then add some warm water to help the oil absorb into the skin and finish the task. When finished, rinse well until you feel all clean.

Experiment with different oils and find the one that you’ll love both the effect and smell of.

2. Water-based cleanser


Now that we’ve removed the dirt and makeup from the day, it’s time to wash your face again. If you wonder why you need a double cleansing, here’s why: we need to wash off everything that might be left of the oil cleanser. This is because the oil residue can prohibit the next steps from going smoothly.

The procedure here is pretty simple. Just take some cleanser and massage it all over your face again. Make sure you pay attention to your neck too. If you choose a tomato cleanser like the one featured in the illustration, you’ll be happy to know that it has a light whitening effect. It’s great for hyper-pigmentated skin.

3. Exfoliator


This is a tricky product and its frequency of use definitely depends on your skin type. However, the typical routine consists of an exfoliation twice a week.

Did you know that our skin loses 40,000 scales every hour which makes up 2/3 of the dust in our homes? That’s why getting rid of old dead skin cells is essential for achieving a glowing, healthy-looking face.

Make sure to choose an exfoliator with small particles (like peach, apricot or grape seeds) for a gentle and mild exfoliation. We need this to have a smoothing effect, not a damaging one.

4. Toner


Applying toner is sort of a half step in this beauty routine. The skin that is already a bit damp is much easier to care for as it’s more inclined to absorb the following products. Toners bring some moisture into the face and balance the pH levels. Read more about them here.

There are 2 ways of applying toner and it mostly depends on your preference and their specific texture. Usually, a cotton pad is used but we have a tip for you: buy the cotton pads that can be separated in half and use just one half per application. That way less product will be left on the pad and more will get on your skin.

5. Essence


Now we’re getting closer to the holy grail of Korean skincare. Essence is a magical potion that Hermione Granger would be wise to learn the recipe of. It’s a combination of toner and serum that hydrates your skin to better enhance your complexion and aids the skin in the process of regenerating cells and repairing itself.

Apply the essence right after the toner which has prepared it in advance. Enjoy the clean feeling.

6. Treatments


The mere word, “treat” should give you an idea of how important this step is. Treatment is what we all need, living in huge cities with bad environments and constant stress. Treatment is like having little warriors that target specific problems and places on your skin.

The problems can be different: large pores, an oily T-zone, dull skin, acne, break-outs, excessive pigmentation, wrinkles – you name it! So target one of these problems with a treatment that is specially designed to fight your battles and use it regularly.

7. Sheet masks