Kindness is a state of the human soul — it cannot be seen, but it can be felt. Sometimes it is hidden behind simple things: a compliment, a word of acknowledgment, or a gentle look. Our world is full of amazing people who can inspire and motivate. These artists decided to change the world for the better themselves, without counting on someone else through their art.

Enlighten found 9 impressive examples of art changing the world for the better.

1. Germen Crew

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A group of 13 street artists called German Crew was invited by the authorities of Palmitas city to paint the walls of dirty gray houses. The guys had to work with a “canvas” of 20,000 sq. m.

The whole process took the artists about 5 months, but the result was worth it. 209 houses, where 1,808 people live, were painted all the colors of the rainbow. The residents perceived this transformation very positively. But most importantly, the bright colors helped reduce the level of crime in the city. The indicator approached practically zero.

2. Patrick Commecy

French artist Patrick Commecy and his team draw realistic graffiti murals on the walls of buildings. They are people who make this world brighter. They don’t count on others but they do everything by themselves. When the team sees an unsightly facade, they take paint and brushes and turn simple streets into galleries and ordinary houses into sights worth seeing. Commecy tends to draw optical illusions. As a result, the houses have new painted windows and balconies.

3. Jeff Hanson

Jeff Hanson was still a child when they found a brain tumor that made him almost blind.
While Jeff was undergoing chemotherapy, his mother distracted him with art. This is how Jeff became an artist. Although he is able to distinguish only the contours and colors of large objects, he invented his own work technology. When Jeff was 21 years old, he already became a famous artist. Today, the average cost of Hanson’s painting is about $4,000. His paintings are in the collections of Warren Buffett and Elton John.

When he was 19 years old, he promised himself that by the age of 20, he would donate $1 million to charity. And he did it. Jeff continues to help with money for more than 100 charities. Among them are foundations that support children with tumors.

4. Martina Billi

Martina Billi illustration / facebookMartina Billi Illustratrations / facebookMartina Billi illustration / facebook

Martina Billy is a beginner artist from Italy. She studies at the Florentine Academy of Fine Arts. According to her, nature inspires her creativity. And the characters depicted in Martina’s paintings are usually animals. She does not like to use canvas or paper but using recycled wood boards that could probably be in the trash if Martina wouldn’t use them to create beautiful pieces of art. Love, kindness, and nature are an integral part of her art.

5. Agnes Kasparkova

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Agnes Kasparkova is a 91-year-old Czech street artist.

Once, she decided to turn her tiny village Luka in the Czech Republic into something incredible and breathtaking. Each spring and every summer for the past 40 years, she draws patterns on houses and adds beauty to her village. Agnes wanted to transform this place by giving it a national coloring. Her drawings are admired by every inhabitant of the village. Agnes became a real celebrity! The most surprising thing is that the artist does not think ahead as she draws and she herself doesn’t know what the result will look like!

6. Roberto Mamani Mamani

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Bolivian artist Roberto Mamani Mamani is an Aymara artist and his work is marked by Aymara indigenous tradition and symbols.

Mamani Mamani says that his grandmother encouraged him to paint and explained how important it is to remember his origins and give new life to the culture of the Andean people.

The artist painted figures on the walls of buildings built by the state to resettle the poor. The project was created at an altitude of 4,000 m above sea level — this is a record height!

Mamani Mamani says that those people did not have anything at all and now they have such wonderful painted houses and it is important to share something that we are able to give to each other.

7. Jan Vorman and Lego Dispatchwork