Chalk has been our friend since we were kids, but little did we know that there’s more to these art supplies than meets the eye. These porous tiny white carbonate rocks are capable of doing wonders when it comes to the regular household problems we all face. It’s easy to use and will not only help you with your daily chores, but it will also save you a lot of money and time.

We at Enlighten aim to help you out and have found different ways you can use chalk to fight common problems in and around your house. Check them out below.

1. Remove pesky grease stains.

Bacon, hash browns, pizza, burgers — as much as we all love greasy junk food, it becomes a major headache when we accidentally drop it on ourselves. Getting grease stains out of clothing — be it apparel or table cloths, is an extremely tiring task, but not if you have chalk with you.

Instead of manually brushing the stain vigorously and then dumping the clothes into a washing machine, try rubbing it with a piece of chalk and wait for 10 minutes. Wipe off the extra chalk and then try washing the dirty item. Chalk absorbs grease and removes it easily.

2. Keep your silver shiny and prevent your jewelry from turning black.

Silver spoons and utensils are bound to lose their luster over time. But, you can prevent that from happening by simply placing some chalk in the same cabinet where you keep your cutlery and dinner sets. Silver tarnishes because of moisture and chalk helps to absorb it.

You can use chalk to prevent your jewelry from turning black as well. Simply keep a piece of chalk in your jewelry box and let it guard your precious possessions. Replace the chalk when necessary.

3. Prevent mustiness in wardrobes and bid bad odors goodbye.

Pixabay.comTopsy And Tim / BBC

When you have a large closet of clothing, mustiness is bound to happen, and when it does, it leaves your wardrobe smelling moldy and bad. Not only that, closed boxes, large storage units, laundry bags, and every other small space that is kept shut for a long time can get musty and produce unwanted odors.

To fight that, you don’t need an expert or anything too fancy, you just need chalk! Because it’s extremely porous in nature, chalk is capable of absorbing both moldiness and bad smells. Take some chalk and place it in your wardrobe, laundry bag, attic, or any other place that gets moldy in your house and kiss all your problems goodbye.

4. Keep your tools from getting rusty.

Oxidation is a natural process. Be it your tools or any metal, for that matter, rust is something that will happen when it reaches a certain moisture level. However, you can prevent rust by simply using chalk! Keep some pieces of chalk in your toolbox and let them absorb all the moisture in the air.

Additional tip: When you are using a screwdriver, take chalk and rub it on the tool’s small end. This will help you unscrew or screw faster and prevent the screwdriver from slipping.

5. Protect your house from pests.

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Ants are generally harmless creatures who mind their own business. In fact, black and garden ants don’t even bite. However, the ones who come crawling into your house can be dangerous as they can drag diseases in. If they reach your kitchen, they can contaminate your food and make you sick.

Thankfully, ants are terrified of chalk and if you have an ant problem in your house, you can save hundreds on repellant by drawing lines with chalk. We are not joking. Take chalk and draw lines across your door, windows, kitchen vents, and any other place you think ants can come from and watch the magic happen!

6. Keep your whites white and get rid of yellowness.

No matter how thoroughly you wash your whites with detergents that claim to keep your clothes like snow forever, they still tend to get yellowish over time. You scrub and scrub, but the yellowness never fades away. What is the solution? Rubbing your whites with chalk before washing.

Chalk helps in retaining whiteness and keeping your white clothes bright white. It helps to get rid of the unwanted yellow and, after a few washes, you will find the yellowness totally fade away from your clothes. The same can be applied to easily clean the dirt that accumulates around the collars of shirts. If the stains are really bad around the collar, rub some chalk on them, let it sit there for 10 minutes, and then wash it off.

7. Quickly fix stains on your walls.