We invent extraordinary techniques to create art, trying to be as creative as possible. According to research, people with high levels of creativity are more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety because they feel alone with their ideas. Some artists may seem crazy with their ideas because they are often ready to sacrifice their health and poison themselves with paint just to create a new masterpiece. In the modern world, you can find different ways to express yourself, but how these artists do it is truly unique.

Here at Enlighten, we’ve found 6 extraordinary modern artists who paint with everything except their hands.

1. Natalie Irish paints with kisses.

Natalie Irish / facebook

American artist, Natalie Irish can’t imagine her life without giving kisses and wearing lipstick both as a regular person and as an artist.

She created this unique technique in 2011 and became the pioneer of lip-printing. Irish uses lipstick to create different images by kissing the canvas. Her main secret of success is that she doesn’t use common and known techniques — she’s not afraid of experimenting. For Irish, the art of kissing can make masterpieces.

Natalie Irish / facebookNatalie Irish / facebookNatalie Irish / facebook2. Ani K paints with his tongue.

Ani K / facebook

Ani K is an Indian marginal artist. According to his story, he was inspired by a successful artist who lost his hands and started painting with his feet.
In the beginning, Ani tried to paint with his nose but this technique was already being used by other artists. Eventually, he realized that the most convenient way for him to paint was by using his tongue.

There was just one problem: ingesting paint could harm him and cause poisoning. After every creative session Ani K has, he feels very sick. Sometimes he even loses consciousness.

Ani K / facebook3. Martin Sodoms paints with his mouth.

Martin Sodoms / facebook

Martin Sodoms is an extraordinary artist from Capetown. He was a medical clerk when his life changed forever back in December of 1996 when he broke his neck in a diving accident. He didn’t give up after becoming disabled, so he started painting with his mouth.

Just look at his amazing and detailed pieces! It’s hard to believe that they were all painted with his mouth.

Martin Sodoms / facebookMartin Sodoms / facebook4. Huang Guofu paints with his feet and mouth.

Huang Guofu / facebook

Huang Guofu is a 41-year-old Chinese artist from Chongqing who had to learn how to paint with his mouth and right foot after losing both hands in an accident when he was a child.

At the age of 18, he had to interrupt his education because of his father’s sickness. He went on a trip to China to earn money by performing his process of painting with his right foot. During this journey, the artist began to paint with his mouth after overhearing several passers-by say that painting with his feet was completely uncultured and anything but elegant.