There are already robots that cook food instead of chefs in some restaurants in Boston, Pasadena, and China. According to visitors’ reviews, people like mechanical cooks’ dishes. But if you don’t eat out too often, you probably dream about devices that can help you cook faster in your very own kitchen. In this article, you’ll find a useful bottle holder, a universal can opener, and many other interesting gadgets for those who love to cook.

Enlighten has found 30 cool gadgets on AliExpress, eBay, and other sites to make your kitchen routine and life way easier.

30. A can and jar opener

29. A silicone funnel

28. A safety can opener

27. A convenient bottle holder

odditymall.com26. A mold for perfect pancakes

25. This cheese and chocolate mill

24. Universal avocado slicer

amazon23. Small vacuum marinater

Thanks to its vacuum, this device can marinate meat in just 30 minutes. Just put meat and any other desired ingredients inside and leave alone for 15 minutes. Then you can take your dish with you without even taking it out.

22. This fish cleaning tool

21. Interesting pizza slicer