Life is so full of everyday situations that we don’t even stop and think about them. We just deal with them and move on without a second thought. But there are some people who are so creative that they take these moments and turn them into an opportunity to make us smile. That’s what graphic designer Bella Sriwantana does. Instead of just writing down her everyday struggles in a diary, she uses them to create comics. And by that, we mean the struggles that most girls (if not all of them) have been through.

Enlighten wants to show you some of her work — it is as funny as it is relatable.

There’s never enough space in our arms.

bella.illustration / InstagramDogs have the sincerest eyes.

bella.illustration / Instagram

No, we’re not forgetful — we just have a lot going on in our heads…

bella.illustration / InstagramSometimes, being a woman can be such a pain…

bella.illustration / Instagram… A true torture

bella.illustration / InstagramOne of the most frustrating situations

bella.illustration / InstagramHow is it that some women always look perfect?

bella.illustration / InstagramWay #889 to watch your diet

bella.illustration / InstagramYou just had to say it…

bella.illustration / InstagramWhat? One way or another, we always look pretty.