Every year it becomes more difficult to attract people’s attention to advertising. However, smart marketing specialists know that being useful is the best way to attract a customer.

Enlighten collected a few examples of outdoor advertising that draw clients in and offer them something useful.

29. In Great Britain, these yellow stands remind people not to drop cigarettes on the ground by asking them to “vote” with the cigarette end on some debatable question.


28. Caribou Coffee launched a warm advertising campaign for their new “Hot ‘n Wholesome” menu, and they installed heating spirals into bus stops.

Caribou Coffee

27. Sprite put shower stalls shaped like soda fountains at beaches.

Sprite26. Carlsberg. Probably the best poster in the world.

Carlsberg Group

25. This social advertising vividly shows how riding bicycles makes the air cleaner.

British Cycling24. A Braun Oral-B toothbrush that can clean anything.


23. COA Youth & Family Centers launched a social advertising campaign that invites kids and parents to study while playing.

COA Youth & Family Centers

22. Drybar installed hair dryers blowing hot air in the streets. Their motto is “Warm wishes from Drybar.”


21. While everyone is sharing free Wi-Fi, Kit Kat launched Wi-Fi-free zones.


20. Smart ideas for smart cities from the smart company IBM


19. The American Disability Association shows how difficult going up a staircase can be for someone and calls for making the city accessible to everyone.

American Disability Association

18. Every man can be a rock star with Billboard Brazil.

Billboard Brasil

17. UTEC University developed a billboard that turns air into water.


16. Stop&Shop created an advertising stand with a catalog that allows shopping with a cell phone.


15. During a sunscreen advertising campaign, Nivea created these chargers that work on solar power.


14. Nike installed an interactive billboard with a treadmill. The message on the billboard says that the company donates money to UNICEF for each kilometer on the meter. Anyone could contribute to the charity marathon.


13. Privé installed these bathroom mirrors to attract attention to Riviera Privé, their lounge zone. The motto of the campaign is “Be Seen.”

Riviera Privé

12. This gigantic Game of Thrones poster not only works to advertise a new season but also gives energy to a school in the neighborhood.


11. It’s not necessary to go to a shop to test the features of the new Nokia Lumia. You can try this huge copy installed on a billboard.