Nowadays, there are so many sophisticated gadgets and smart computers, that it’s hard to be impressed by new inventions. However, these brilliant inventors continue working on innovations that undoubtedly make this world a better and easier place to live.

Enlighten hasfound 27 things that we’d love to use in our everyday life.

A nice add-on to your bed.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Now you can choose between a rocket ship statue and a set of chairs.

With this simple item, you’ll always have fresh sneakers.

WalmartNo more sore fingers and damaged walls.

kimseungwoo.comThis pen shows how much ink remains inside.

SteveAgar / RedditThis table lets you to recharge electronics by pedaling.

bandofgypsies / RedditThis library has a special booth for cell phone calls.

MrCrash2U / RedditThis fridge has a built-in water filter.

FocusPuRe / RedditThis hotel offers sanitized remotes.

BonerChamp6 / Reddit

This shopping cart has a scanner that sums up the prices of products that are put inside it.