Living in a megapolis has its pros and cons. One the one hand, it offers big opportunities and endless sources of entertainment, but on the other, it causes a great deal of stress in our everyday routine. Luckily, there are designers among urban residents who’ve come up with brilliant ideas to improve our environment.

We at Enlighten are convinced that you will appreciate these creative urban design solutions and would like them to appear in your cities ASAP.

26. This toilet rises from the ground when needed, usually at night time, and disappears below during the day.

public_toilets_anonymous / Instagrampublic_toilets_anonymous / Instagram25. A bench with solar powered USB ports

KingKillerCoffee / reddit

24. This scoreboard at the Oslo airport shows the approximate time it takes to walk to the departure gate.

elvikinguito / reddit23. Benches in Sweden are very couple friendly.

Bleeedorange / Reddit

22. This parking lot has sensor lights above each of the spaces. Green lights up when the space is free while red indicates that it is occupied.

EkansZapot / reddit21. A cozy bus stop

vincentvandog / reddit20. A sidewalk for smartphone users.

thankurichard / reddit

19. Marty the robot alerts the staff of the supermarket when a clean-up is needed.

18. This supermarket gives out free fruit for kids.

connexx / reddit17. A coffee shop that doesn’t have Wi-Fi