We are so used to the functionality of certain things that hardly any of us muses upon seeing them in a slightly better design. Elevators with buttons for toes, sanitary door handles where you don’t need to touch the doorknob or a sticker that helps to determine avocado’s ripeness stage — all these small but important things can improve our lives greatly and, luckily, some of them already exist.

Enlighten adores innovations and has compiled a set of photos for you showing 25 inventions that are both simple and ingenious.

1. Urinals that protect your shoes from splashback

Ukleon / reddit

2. This elevator has buttons you can press with your feet if your hands are full.

WharFalcon / reddit3. All the hooks and shelves you need!

5_Frog_Margin / reddit

4. “My university library has a wall where you can quite literally take a seat.”

Naco88 / reddit

5. This avocado sticker has a color chart so that you know when it’s ripe.

q0__0p / reddit

6. These potato chips that have a tab to lift the chips up so you don’t have to put your hand inside the tube.

bakaken / reddit7. A urinal that allows you to flush with your feet

jackksouth / reddit

8. This restaurant has a “toepener” for people who want to avoid germs on doorknobs.

happysunbear / reddit9. One thoughtful message can make a difference.

JakeTheSnake49 / reddit

10. This store has a winter simulator for testing out winter clothing.