What is the secret of the perfect kitchen? Beautiful design, advanced equipment, multifunctionality? We think that each detail is important. Sometimes the simplest solutions can make our kitchen a comfortable place to be.

Enlighten collected 25 curious ideas that will make your kitchen the true studio of a chef.

25. Pot lid holder and spoon rest combo


This holder is a convenient solution to avoid dropping oil from lids and spoons.

24. Sink rack roll


This portable rack is a useful solution to dry your food or plates. You can place it on a kitchen sink, a table, or any other surface you find convenient.

23. Cutlery cleaner


Thanks to this cleaner, your dishwashing will take much less time.

22. Portable garlic chopper


This is a wonderful replacement for a regular garlic chopper. And it is so much easier to wash.

21. Cutting board with integrated removable waste bin


This is a find for everyone! This cutting board is especially useful when you like to make your food right in front of a TV set.

20. Kitchen multi-opener


This portable multi-opener will easily open tins, jar lids, or even a plastic bag. A real helper for any cook!

19. Chop2pot folding cutting board


This is an incredibly useful cutting board. No more food remains on the floor.

18. Clever Kebab


Are you a kebab fan? With the Clever Kebab, you will love it even more. You can marinate the meat on skewers inside.

17. Pineapple slicer


This is a wonderful device for those who love pineapples but hate to peel them. With this slicer, your fruit will be ready to be served in just 5 minutes!

16. Veggie cooking basket


Easily boil, steam, and strain your vegetables all in your veggie cooking basket. One tool means less mess to clean up.

15. Portable heat sealer


This sealer will save items from humidity, dust, and insects. Battery powered.

14. Herb saver


This device will help to keep your herbs fresh longer. Fill it with water, and keep it in the fridge.

13. Herby roller


This roller can easily slice soft food, fruits, and vegetables. It is especially useful with herbs.

12. Silicone stretch lids


These stretch lids can help to keep your food fresh. They fit different sizes.

11. Over-the-sink cutting board


This cutting board is a true find for every kitchen. You can wash your food inside the bowl, and then cut it on the board. Fast and convenient!

10. Herb infuser


This infuser is specifically designed for those who hate pieces of herbs or onion inside their plate. With this device, the broth will be so much better!

9. Silicone oil dispenser


This manual dispenser will help to spread oil equally on any surface. Now there will be no oily spots on hands or the table. Very useful!

8. 3-core infusion water pitcher


This water pitcher has 3 replaceable cores for ice, fruits, and tea. An awesome thing! Especially for those who love self-made drinks.

7. Heating knife


This knife is designed to replace a regular toaster. When cutting bread, the knife’s blade gets heated, and the slice of bread gets toasted. In reality, the temperature is only enough to melt and spread butter.

6. Melon Knife-Slicer-Corer


This multifunctional device will help you peel a honeydew melon, slice it, and even remove the seeds from its core. And your hands are clean!

5. Needle meat tenderizer


This device will help you to cook the best tenderized steak quickly and easily. Without any noise!

4. Egg cups


Surprise your family or friends with these wonderful devices for boiling eggs. With them, each of your dishes will be a small masterpiece.

3. Kitchen sponge holder


This sponge holder is made in the shape of a bed and will add a really homey look to your kitchen.

2. Sunnyside egg-frying form