As you probably know, it’s not just the beautiful and functional furniture that makes a home cozy, but also some other details of the interior. You would probably agree that it is much more pleasant to live in a house where you can sleep on a giant bean bag, wake up to an alarm that uses the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and look into a mirror that is a portal to a different world.

We at Enlighten love things that impress us with their amazing appearance and make us happy when we use them. Here are 25 of these things.

1. Behind-the-couch console table with outlets

chapmanator / reddit2. How do you like this dryer for dishes?

amazon3. A table and benches that fold into the wall

Kooka32081 / reddit4. This pillow that is extremely comfortable

Reddingabook / reddit

5. This alarm clock wakes you up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Take all our money!

Robert-Brownie-Jr / reddit6. Round sitting bench with shoe storage inside

5_Frog_Margin / reddit7. Toilet paper holder

Jx3-Inspirations / reddit8. A corner cabinet to fill the unused space

henhen60 / reddit9. A bunk bed

cervicornis / reddit10. Very cool design for siblings sharing a room