Before you throw away your old unusable soup ladles, cheese graters, rolling pins, and other kitchen utensils, try a more imaginative approach. After all, even the most seemingly useless items can often serve as a base for new, original, and functional things.

Enlighten presents the most unusual ideas for spicing up your kitchen antiques.

An old coffee pot turns into a cute terrarium. Fun, pretty, AND educational!

A set of thrift store teacups can become a classy wall clock.

Help your little furry friends make it throught the winter in style with this fancy feeder.

Still have few leftover teacups? A teacup chandelier is the answer.

 In skilful hands they’ll become a masterpiece!

Just drill a drainage hole, and voilà! Your new flowerpots are ready.

Colorful teacup candles will create a magical and cosy atmosphere. 

Almost anything can become an amusing candleholder.

Just use your imagination!

There’s no such thing as too many!

Glue a plate to a martini glass and make an adorable dessert stand.

What’s that cooking in your old frying pans? Just these awesome handmade clocks! Extra crispy.

Turn old pie pans into retro photo frames.

Old rolling pins can be useful too!


Funnels will come in handy for all sorts of crafts.

Although, a colander might be even better.

Get a unique twist on kitchen lighting with these colander wall lamps.

Your old, rusty grill can become an herb garden.

And these spoon garden markers will look great next to your plants.


Now everyone will have a personalized coat hook.

Even cutlery can be art.

Old kitchen utensils will make perfect jewelry organizers.

A bread board tablet holder? Yes, please.

The lucky owner of a spare whiskey barrel can turn it into a luxurious coffee table.